Hawach specializes in the production and sales of laboratory instruments, such as short path distillation device, molecular distillation device, rotary evaporator, glass reactor, spray dryer, drying oven, freeze dryer, vacuum filter, crystalization device and side products like a vacuum pump, high& low-temperature circulator.

With 10 years’ laboratory experience and innovative professional R&D team, powerful supply chain, responsible logistic team, timely local after-service, Hawach has built it’s global sales network even with several service centers worldwide.

Hawach will be your one-stop supplier for all laboratory equipment. Not only are we instrument supplier of rotary evaporator, glass reactor, molecular distillation equipment, drying oven, spray dryer and freeze dryer, but also auxiliary equipment supplier of vacuum pump, cooling circulator, heating circulator, and the heating cooling circulator.

hawach rotary evaporator✼ As a professional

rotary evaporator supplier

, Hawach has various rotary evaporators for you to choose: oil/water bath, size 1-50L, 90/120/200/280/310rmp/min rotary speed, LCD/Digital display, auto lifting lever or heater outage in over temperature. Rotary evaporator for sale is operated with inner liquid material in distillation bottle heated under rotary and vacuumed condition. So that the inner liquid can be evenly and efficiently distillate within the rotovap for sale.

hawach glass chemical reactor
✼ If you want to buy a perfect glass reactor, Hawach will be your ideal

glass reactor supplier

. We have a single-layered glass reactor, double-layered glass reactor, triple-layered glass reactor, explosion-proof glass reactor, strengthened glass reactor, solid-phase glass reactor, reflux glass reactor of all sizes(1-5L, 10-50L, 80-200L). In terms of size and use, Jacketed glass reactors can be classified to table size(1-5L), medium size(10-50L), big size(80-200L) and customized size(200L and bigger size).

hawach spray dryer✼ To make a powder out of the liquid, you may contact Hawach, a professional spray dryer supplier, to buy a spray dryer. We have vacuum spray dryer, organic solvent spray dryer, two-fluid spray dryer, centrifugal spray dryer with size 1-100L. For spray drying of a certain material, you may contact us for more details. The organic solvent spray dryer, as one of the lab spray dryers, is suitable for aqueous solutions and most organic solutions. The inlet temperature of aqueous solutions is low to 105°C and the organic solvent can be as low as 60°C based on the boiling point.

hawach vacuumd rying oven manu facturers✼ Like a baking oven in the kitchen, the drying oven is also popular in the laboratory. As a quality

drying oven supplier

, Hawach has vacuumed drying oven and electronic heating drying oven with all sizes for your exact needs. You can use drying oven to dry fruits, herbs, laboratory glass parts, chemical, biological and pharmaceutical products. Therefore, the vacuum drying oven is the ideal equipment for drying flammable and oxidizable products. During the operation, attention should be paid to the operating specifications to avoid dangers such as an explosion.

✼ For drying of heat sensitive products/materials, you may choose Hawach as your reliable freeze dryer supplier. Separate drying oven, in-situ drying oven, with -50 or -70 centigrade degree lowest temperature, normal cap/press/bottles-hang/press and bottles-hang/T-shaped for your exact freeze-drying need. Freeze-dried products are generally sponge-like, have no shrinkage, have good rehydration, and have very little moisture. After corresponding packaging, they can be stored and transported for a long time at room temperature.

hawach short path distillation kit for sale

✼ To remove alcohol or patina, or for trial short path distillation experiment, Hawach will be your right short path distillation supplier. We have short path distillation of 2L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 50L, which has 3-headed receiving flask or 1-head receiving flask. The whole set short path distillation with the vacuum pump and cooling circulator is also available. Short path distillation THC separates heavy molecular from light molecular materials because they have different free paths of motion.

hawach rotary vane vacuum pump✼ To choose a suitable vacuum pump for your loved equipment, Hawach will be your favorite

vacuum pump supplier

who can offer all kinds of vacuum pumps with different vacuum degrees? We have single stage economic pumps like water circulation vacuum pump and rotary vane pump for rotary evaporators, glass reactors and short path distillation equipment(980PA-100PA). If you want a higher vacuum degree, diaphragm pump, the spiral pump will be a better option(700-10pa). Roots, diffusion pump and molecular pump can be used with a rotary vane vacuum pump like a pump group to achieve a very high vacuum degree(10-0.1PA).

hawach cooling water circulator

✼ Heating or cooling system can be divided into 3 parts: heating circulator, cooling circulator and

heating cooling circulator

. If you need the temperature is RT. To 200/300 °C and used in the evaporator, you can choose heating circulator, the baths of this series are open or sealed. The temperature of the cooling circulator is -105 to RT, and it also has a sealed bath, which is very suitable for the condenser. The heating and cooling circulator have the characteristics of the first two, so it is more welcomed by customers.
For laboratory instrument, choose Hawach as your one-stop supplier, we will offer you the most cost-effective solution.

With 10 years experience in laboratory instrument and our HAWACH family consists of experienced developing team, powerful supply chain, excellent sales team, responsible logistic team and professional after-sales team connected by integral working flow, Hawach has spreaded its global sales network from Europe to South Africa, North America, Southeast Asia, Australia, East Asia, South America and other regions. The comprehensive after-sale service system supported by service centers in Europe and North US, which can provide immediate response to clients’ maintenance requirements.

Our mission is to lead the research and production of laboratory equipment and provide the most cost-effective solutions to our global clients.

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