Application Of Spray Dryer In Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutical Industry

The spray dryer is ideal for producing powder and granular solid products from solutions, emulsions, suspensions, and paste-like liquid materials. Therefore, spray drying is an ideal process when the particle size distribution, residual water content, accumulation density, and particle shape of the finished product must conform to precise standards.

Therefore, centrifugal spray dryer is very practical in the pharmaceutical industry. Such as Chinese patent medicine, pesticides, antibiotics, medicine, and so on.
The performance characteristics :
Centrifugal Spray Dryer 5L
1. The drying speed is fast, and the surface area of the material liquid greatly increases after atomization. In hot air flow, 95% to 98% of the water can be evaporated instantly, and the drying time is only a few seconds.

2. The product has good uniformity, fluidity and solubility, high purity, and good quality.

3. The production process is simplified and the operation and control are convenient. For the moisture content of 40-60%(special materials up to 90%) of the liquid can be dried into powder products, control and management is very convenient.

The simple spray drying process is as follows:
Medicinal materials → extraction → concentration → spray → powder collection. Specific operation process (pressure spray drying)

The main process is as follows:
Put the Chinese medicine slices into extraction tank and headed for several times, leaching solution by vacuum suction filter tube into the reduced pressure concentration tank, concentrated to a certain concentration, drugs by catheter via flowmeter to shower, compressed air into the shower nozzle (39123 x 104 ~ 49104 x 104 pa), the solution from the nozzle by the eddy current detector using centrifugal force growth into droplets spray into the drying chamber, and heat flow again soon after heat exchange was dry.

When to start the blower, air through a filter, preheater, heated to 280 ℃ or so, the upper part of drying chamber along the tangent direction into the drying chamber, dry indoor generally kept below 120 ℃, have dry powder into the collecting barrel, part of the dry powder with hot air to flow into the separation chamber after capturing in the bag, hot waste gas by the vent discharge.

Folding Chinese medicine spray:
The machine adopts a fully enclosed form, all parts are made of stainless steel, equipped with three levels of purification device, the air filtration up to 100,000 level requirements. The cylinder body and top are equipped with a cold wall device to make the wall temperature.80℃, An airbrush tower cleaning device is installed in the drying tower.

After being dried by this machine, the power of traditional Chinese medicine extract will not appear coking metamorphism, greatly increase the rate of powder collection (more than 95%), and will not produce mixed phenomenon and sticky phenomenon.

The working principle:
The centrifugal spray drying technology in the high-speed centrifugal spray device is applied in the drying of specific materials. For example, Chinese medicine extraction. It is also a drying device, which uses a high-speed centrifugal atomizer to disperse the material into the mist and full contact with the hot air to complete the instant drying and form a powder product.