Application of Vacuum Freeze Drying Technology in Biopharmaceutical

In the past, the technology applied in the biopharmaceutical industry was pure drying technology. Compared with the current vacuum freeze-drying technology, the effect and function are far from functional and other aspects. Therefore, the factors affecting biopharmaceuticals should be comprehensively studied, and the technological process of vacuum freeze-drying technology should be well studied to better use vacuum freeze-drying technology in biopharmaceuticals to promote the development of the biopharmaceutical industry.

1. Overview and advantages of vacuum freeze-drying technology
Vacuum freeze-drying technology is to place the drug at a relatively low temperature, freeze-freeze the drug, and then vacuum-dry the drug to remove the excess water on the drug, so that the water content of the drug is reduced as much as possible, and the amount of the drug should be as much as possible. Reach fullness. On this basis, the medicine is biochemically dried to remove excess binding water.

2. Basis of making vacuum freeze-drying technology
When the medicine is sublimated at a relatively low temperature, it will remove excess water from the frozen medicine, put the medicine at a certain temperature, and then use the vacuum environment to make the medicine dry. Vacuum freeze-drying technology is relatively simple to operate and has a high degree of flexibility, which can effectively achieve the separation of oil, water, and other substances. Moreover, this vacuum freeze-drying technology can ensure that the drugs are heated evenly during the manufacturing process to improve the quality of medicines.

freeze drying machine price3. Workflow and application of vacuum freeze-drying technology
3. 1 Process flow of vacuum technology
The whole vacuum freeze-drying technology is mainly divided into three stages: freezing, drying, and vacuum.

3.2 Application and precautions of vacuum freeze-drying technology in biopharmaceuticals

3. 2. 1 Need to pay attention to vacuum freeze-drying technical matters
First of all, when pre-freezing, it is necessary to analyze the characteristics of the items to be made, analyze these characteristics, and determine the temperature, pre-freezing time, and temperature control speed of pre-freezing in the entire pre-freezing process. Secondly, when the medicine sublimates, it is necessary to control the pressure and temperature and speed. Finally, it is necessary to store the medicine in a vacuum and increase the temperature as much as possible within the temperature range that the medicine can withstand.

3. 2. 2 Application of vacuum freeze-drying technology in biopharmaceuticals
(1) Selection of freeze dryer performance
The freeze dryer is important equipment that needs to be assisted in the vacuum freeze drying operation. It is used to freeze the products and provide them with a suitable freezing environment. First of all, it is necessary to check whether the freeze-drying technology is compatible, and secondly, the safety of the freeze dryer can not be ignored. When the freeze dryer is working, there will be changes in air pressure and temperature inside, so the cabinet and the floor cannot withstand the corresponding pressure, and there is a possibility that a safety accident may occur.

(2) Attachment of freeze dryer
First of all, the hydraulic pressure plug device is used to freeze plug the whole box in the box after freeze-drying, which can reduce the production link and the chance of pollution. The board can move freely up and down, which is good for cleaning inside the box and easy to access all parts in the box.

Secondly, there are limited leakage devices for controlling the vacuum in the box, and controlled infiltration of nitrogen gas or clean air. It will be conducive to the temperature increase of the products in the second drying stage, which can shorten the freeze-drying period of 2 ~ 3h.

Finally, the control system is mainly to control the temperature of the partition, which can record and save the product temperature, the temperature of the partition, the temperature of the condenser, the vacuum of the cabinet, etc. through the recorder. A chain alarm is also set to improve the reliability of the operation and avoid product losses when the operation or matching facilities are in error.

4. Conclusion
With the development of the biopharmaceutical industry, vacuum freeze-drying technology is becoming more and more important. Vacuum freeze-drying technology can well preserve the technology of vacuum freeze-drying and packaging of drugs. save time. Vacuum freeze-drying technology promotes the development of the biopharmaceutical industry, so it is necessary to make good use of this technology to scientifically and rationally store drugs and to integrate the manufacturing of drugs with vacuum freeze-drying technology so that drugs can play its greatest role.