Common Causes And Solutions Of Spray Dryer

Spray dryer has become one of the most popular drying equipment due to its advantages of fast-drying, good drying effect, and low energy consumption. Many enterprises choose spray dryers for production and processing because they have more materials and a higher market share.

In daily production, some problems will arise in the later inspection of the product. It is mainly caused by the lack of scientific setting of spray dryer related parameters. After years of summary, Hawach Scientific sort out a set of common causes of spray dryers and the corresponding treatment methods.
airstream spray dryer
1. The wet powder adheres to the inner wall of the main tower of the dryer.
-Reasons: The material feed rate is too fast and the amount is too large, resulting in incomplete drying; Failure to follow the operation in the equipment operation manual and the equipment main tower is not heated.
-Solution: Slow down the feeding speed and quantity, adjust the feed pump appropriately; increase the inlet and outlet temperature; observe whether the equipment has a material blocking phenomenon.

2. A lot of impurities in the product.
-Reason: The source of impurities is mainly that the drying medium contains impurities, the purity of the material and liquid is not high, and there are impurities in the equipment.
-Solution: Check the air filter and replace the filter which has been in use for a long time; carry out a sampling test on the liquid material to filter its impurities; thoroughly clean the equipment.

3. The phenomenon of running powder is serious so that the recovery rate of the product is very low.
-Reason: Cyclone separator has problems and resulting in low dust removal performance.
-Solution: Check whether there is a gap in the cyclone and whether the airtightness is intact. Properly increase secondary dust removal according to material characteristics.

4. The product is too fine or too large.
-Reason: The solid content of the feed liquid is too low, and the feed processing volume is too low will cause the product powder to be too fine. The reason for the excessively large particles is that the wind pressure is too low, the heat is insufficient, and the water content of the material liquid is too high. Solution: If the particles are too fine, the solid content of the liquid needs to be increased. Properly increase the feed amount and increase the inlet air temperature to prevent incomplete drying.
-Solutions to excessively large particles: Adjust the air pressure appropriately to detect and judge the heating system Whether to meet the heat demand, control the moisture content of the material.

5. The equipment is running very loudly.
-Reason: The place where noise is generated is mainly the atomizing disc and the bearing.
-Solution: Check whether the atomizing disc is in a balanced state, check whether the bearing is working normally, repair or replace it in time when the gear teeth are damaged, and check whether the lubricant is added correctly.

I wish this information will help you solve the doubt and problem.