Common Problems And Solutions Of Rotary Distiller

Rotary distiller is mainly used for the continuous distillation of a large number of volatile solvents under vacuum conditions. Rotary distiller is especially fit for the concentration of the extraction solution and the distillation of the receiving solution during chromatographic separation, the reaction products can be separated and purified. The basic principle of the rotary distiller is vacuum distillation, that is, when the solvent is distilled, the distilled flask rotates continuously.

Structure: the distilled flask is a pear-shaped or round-bottom flask with a standard grinding port interface, and connected to the rotary evaporator pump through a highly reflux serpentine condenser tube.
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Rotary distiller can be used to receive evaporated organic solvents. There is a three-way piston between the condenser tube and the decompression pump. When the system is connected with the atmosphere, the distilled flask, the liquid flask can be removed and the solvent can be transferred. When the system is connected with the decompression pump, the system should be in a decompression state. When using, we should decompress first, then start the motor to rotate the distilled flask. In the end, we should stop first and then pass through the atmosphere to prevent the distilled flask from falling off in rotation.

Before you buy rotovap, you should know the using method of rotary distiller.

1.The vacuum system of the rotary distiller can make a simple water suction pump immersed in a cold water bath or a mechanical rotary evaporator pump with a cooling tube. High and low adjustment: manual lifting, turning the hand-wheel above the column, turn to rising, reverses to decline.
2.There are two external joints on the condenser which are connected with cooling water. One end is connected with water, the other end is connected with water, and the tap water is generally connected. The lower the temperature of condensate water, the better. The upper end is equipped with a vacuum joint and rotary evaporator pump pipe for vacuum pumping.
3.Turn the speed control knob to the minimum before starting, press the power switch indicator light, and then slowly turn to the right to the required speed, generally large evaporation bottle for medium, low speed, high viscosity solution with lower speed. The rotary distiller is standard interface 24, randomly attached 500 ml, 1000ml two kinds of rotary distiller, the solution quantity is generally not more than 50% is appropriate.
4.When using, we should reduce the pressure first, then start the motor to turn the rotary distiller. In the end, stop the motor first, then pass through the atmosphere to prevent the rotary distiller from falling off in rotation.

As professional rotary evaporator suppliers with 5 years of experience, please rest assured to buy rotovap. We have a strong after-sales team to solve problems during your use. The following are Hawach summarize common problems and solutions encountered by customers during use.

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Common problems and solutions of rotary distiller

Motor out-of-operation
1. When the indicator light (or digital display) of the electronic control box is light, it is better to check whether the internal and external plug connection of the electric box is loose or broken. In this situation, you should re-plug and connect the broken wire.
2. When the electronic control box indicator lamp (or digital display) is not on, it is better to confirm whether the button 1 and 2 are no abnormal. You should update fuse or confirm no abnormal power supply.
3. When the frequency converter displays O and U, the inverter protection function will display. In this situation, you should update the circuit board or electronic control box, and grounding or changing workplace according to the frequency converter instructions.

Unevenly heating boiler
1. The boiler is of no digital display, it is better to detect the power source.
2. When the OUT or ON green indicator light in the temperature controller is on but not heated. In this situation, you should renew the heat transferring, the solid-state relay, or the relay board.
3. When the boiler temperature is lower than the set temperature, the OUT or ON green indicator light in the temperature controller is not on. It is better to change the temperature controller.
4. When the temperature controller shows “OVER” or “000”, you should detect probe wiring or update the probe.