Daily Maintenance and Common Problem of Heating and Cooling Circulator

Daily Maintenance of Heating and Cooling Circulator

In order to ensure the normal operation of the heating and cooling circulator after starting, it is necessary to ensure that the condenser has good heat dissipation, otherwise, it will stop because the condensing temperature and the corresponding condensing pressure are too high, so that the high-pressure protection device of the heating cooling circulator group can operate.

The cold water in the evaporator should circulate, otherwise it will stop because the cold water temperature is low, which will lead to the action of the cold water temperature protection device, or because the evaporation temperature and the corresponding evaporation pressure are too low. In order to ensure the good performance of the heating cooling circulator, keep the chiller in a good environment, well ventilated, and low temperature. Close the compressor first, and then turn off the cooling fan. Please clean the condenser and check that the running valve is in normal condition every 6 months or when the performance of the refrigerator drops.

Heating and cooling circulator condenser better working pressure should be less than 1.5 MPa, often check and clean the condenser to keep the machine performance. For air-cooled machines, make sure the machine is well ventilated and the condenser is maintained regularly. If not used for a long time, sometimes the pump impeller will be blocked by sediment.
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During the operation of the heating and cooling circulator unit, the recording of parameters should be done in time and correctly. If there is an alarm shutdown in the operation of the heating cooling circulator unit, the relevant personnel should be informed to check the unit in time. During the operation of the heating and cooling circulator unit, it is strictly forbidden to connect the water flow switch short to avoid freezing the water pipe.

The heating cooling circulator room should be equipped with corresponding safety equipment and maintenance testing tools, such as pressure gauges, thermometers, etc. After the heating cooling circulator unit stops, do not turn off the main power supply, if the unit is in a long-term shutdown state, the cold water system should be completely released to prevent rust. The end cover of the water chamber should be sealed. It is recommended that the heating cooling circulator replace the lubricating oil every four years or when the oil quality of the lubricating oil becomes worse, the impurities and moisture in the oil increase, and clean the condenser at least once a year.

Break of the suction valve of heating cooling circulator

The compressor of the heating and cooling circulator is a mechanical device for compressing the gas. The size of the suction and exhaust aperture on the valve plate of the heating cooling circulator and the elasticity and strength of the suction and exhaust valve plate are designed according to the gas flow. The flow of droplets entering the cylinder in the suction is a two-phase flow. The impact of the two-phase flow on the suction valve plate is not only strong but also high frequency, as if the typhoon is mixed with pebbles on the glass window. The breakage of the suction valve is one of the typical characteristics and processes of liquid strikes.

Fracture of connecting rod of refrigeration compressor of heating and cooling circulator

If the heating cooling circulator liquid does not evaporate and discharge the cylinder in time, the piston will compress the liquid when it approaches the upper stop point. Because of the short time, the process of the compressed liquid seems to be an impact, and the metal percussion sound will also come out of the cylinder head. The high pressure produced by the liquid hammer of the heating and cooling circulator has great ring breaking property, which leads to the bending or even breaking of the connecting rod.