Dust Removal Requirements Of Centrifugal Spray Dryer

The centrifugal spray dryer produced by our company is efficient drying equipment. Now, we mainly introduce the matters that we need to care about before purchasing a centrifugal spray dryer.
Centrifugal Spray Dryer 5L
Notes before purchase:
1.name and properties of the liquid: solid content (or water content), viscosity, surface tension, and PH value;
2. allowable dry powder density, particle size and residual water content at a larger allowable temperature;
3. energy available to customers on site: steam pressure, correct electricity, fuel, oil, and gas;
4. control requirements: whether to control the input and output temperature, and whether the entire control system is fully automatic or semi-automatic;
5. dust removal requirements: bag filters and waste gas treatment equipment can be used if necessary.

The above factors are what we should consider before buying a centrifugal spray dryer we must know some about it than to choose. We can customize the suitable centrifugal spray dryer according to your requirements. If you need related products, please contact us.

Spray dryer is equipment widely used in the laboratory and small-sized production because of its high drying efficiency and simple operation. The heated and filtered sample liquid is transported into the Two-fluid nozzle by a peristaltic pump(with feeding speed adjustable) and was rotary atomized into mist liquid beads. Through the drying room, the mist liquid beads are quickly heated into powder, some drop into the receiving flask under the drying room, mostly through the cyclone separator, and collected into the downside receiving flask. And the waste gases were discharged through the air outlet.

Spray dryers are most widely used in the following fields: beverage flavor, pigment milk, egg products plant, vegetable extracts, pharmaceutical synthesis, thermosensitive substances, plastic polymers, resin aromatics, blood products, superconductor, biochemical products, dye soap, detergent, food adhesives, oxide bone powder, tooth powder and so on.