Eight Common Faults Of Centrifugal Spray Dryer And Their Solutions

1. Centrifugal spray dryer running vibration, noise:
Centrifugal Spray Dryer 5L
Reasons :
(1) the atomization disk is unbalanced;
(2) axis bending;
(3) the bearing or change gear is worn or damaged;
(4) poor quality of lubricating oil.
Solution :
(1) correct atomization disc balance;
(2) correct or replace the shaft;
(3) replace the bearing or gear;
(4) check the lubricating oil supply system and oil quality.

2. Defective confidential seal for centrifugal spray dryer:
Reasons :
(1) aging of sealing ring;
(2) loose fasteners;
(3) the support is loose.
Solution :
(1) replace the sealing washer;
(2)adjust the position of the bracket and tighten it.

3. Poor dust removal by pulse bag filter:
Reasons :
(1) improper bag selection;
(2) the cloth bag is blocked or damaged;
(3) the pulse cycle is too long;
(4) poor grounding;
(5) the pulse valve is damaged.
Processing :
(1) choose cloth bags with higher filtration accuracy;
(2) clean or replace the cloth bag;
(3) adjust the cycle of blowback;
(4) check the ground wire;
(5) replace the pulse valve.
If it is equipped with a foam precipitator, the outlet of the foam precipitator will spray water.
Reason: the water screen is blocked.
Solution: clean or change the water-screen.
high speed centrifugal spray dryer
4. The vibration hammer of centrifugal spray dryer does not work or does not work well:
Reasons :
(1) circuit fault;
(2) the energizing time is out of sync with the hammer action;
(3) insufficient spring.
Solution :
(1) repair the circuit;
(2) adjust the power-on operation time;
(3) replace the spring.

5. The bearing temperature of centrifugal spray dryer increases significantly:
Reasons :
(1) oil hole is blocked and the oil quantity is reduced;
(2) poor oil quality;
(3) the cooling water pipe is blocked;
(4) bearing is worn or damaged.
Solution :
(1) check and dredge oil holes;
(2) oil change;
(3) check to dredge the cooling water pipe;
(4) replace the bearing.

6. The too-small air volume of centrifugal spray dryer:
Reason: the filter pressure difference is too small
Solution: check the filter to see if it is blocked. In general, the primary filter should be cleaned every shift

7. Failure of automatic control meter system of centrifugal spray dryer:
Reasons :
(1) the instrument itself fails;
(2) poor contact or aging of instrument lines;
(3) unstable pressure of the air source system or leakage of air pressure pipeline;(4) the action mechanism is damaged.
Solution :
(1) overhaul or replace the instrument;
(2) replace or overhaul the instrument lines;
(3) filling leakage and stabilizing voltage;
(4) repair and adjust the action mechanism.

8. Oil leakage of centrifugal spray dryer atomizer:
Reason: too high negative pressure
Solution: adjust the pressure of spray tower barrel to keep its negative pressure ≤3000Pa.