How To Choose A Centrifugal Spray Dryer

In the spray dryer market, we all know that each spray dryer has its specific scope, and each material can find several kinds of drying device, which could meet the basic requirements, but this is only one kind that is the most suitable. If we select the wrong one, users will not only bear unnecessary high purchase cost, but also pay a heavy price in the whole using period, such as low efficiency, high energy consumption, high operating cost, poor product quality, or even the device cannot run normally.

Many friends who care about the drying market are difficult to recognize the method of buying drying equipment, the following is the general principles of selection of drying equipment, it is difficult to say which one is the most important principle, the ideal selection must be based on their own conditions, sometimes compromise is necessary.

spray freeze drying equipment

1. When we are trying to select a centrifugal spray dryer, we had better compare several different types of equipment at the same time. But remember, we must choose those that can meet our own applications, and the structure is easy to control, and only take a small area, when they have the same functions.

2. When we are buying a spray dryer, it is better to choose the equipment with a high degree of automation and easy to control. In this way, the operation will be more convenient and simple, it could lessen the quality of operation stuff and save costs.

3. We should choose the spray dryer with reliable and stable performance, low energy consumption, and high work efficiency. In this way, it can better help us to complete our work tasks.

4. The user should make clear their actual requirements first, as well as the specific drying materials and properties of its materials, and ensure that the equipment nozzle caliber they selected could meet the use requirements. In other words, we should choose those spray dryers that could help us to better complete our work.

5. Meet the requirements of environmental protection, good working conditions, and high safety.

6. Don’t only rely on your past experience, but also focusing on absorbing new technologies, and listening to the advice of experts.

However, even if we select the appropriate centrifugal spray dryer, there may be some problems in the actual application. At this time, we need to consider if there is a problem in the setting of the spray dryer, such as whether the feeding speed, the temperature setting is reasonable, the characteristics of the material itself, and adjust it accordingly and then go on again.