How to Choose A Suitable Rotating Evaporator?

The rotating evaporator uses a rotary flask to increase the evaporation area and place it in a water bath under reduced pressure while rotating while heating to diffuse and evaporate the solution in the bottle. It is an ideal and necessary basic instrument for manufacturing and analytical experiments in the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, universities, and scientific research laboratories, such as concentration, drying, and recycling. How to buy rotary evaporator and choose a satisfactory rotating evaporator? HAWACH would like to offer help.

Specifications of rotating evaporator

In addition to the reasonable rotary evaporator price factor, we should first choose the specifications of the rotating evaporator when buy rotating evaporator. The specifications of the rotating evaporator are distinguished by the volume of the evaporating flask, and the size of the evaporating flask required depends on the number of materials to be evaporated.

Generally speaking, 2L, 3L, and 5L rotating evaporators are suitable for small-scale laboratory tests; 5L, 10L, and 20L are suitable for pilot tests; 20L and 50L are suitable for pilot tests and production.

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Evaporation rate of rotating evaporator

Buy rotary evaporator, also need to consider the evaporation rate of the rotating evaporator. For a rotating evaporator of the same specification, there are four main factors that affect the evaporation speed of the rotating evaporator: heating bath temperature, vacuum in the rotating evaporator, condenser cooling medium temperature, and evaporating flask speed.

Specifically, in terms of the heating bath temperature, the higher the heating bath temperature, the more intense the evaporation of the material. However, due to the constraints of material thermal tolerance, safety in use, and energy consumption, the commonly used temperature is 60°C. The industrial heating bath temperature is moderate, the water volatilization rate is low, and the energy utilization rate is high.

As far as the vacuum degree in the rotating evaporator is concerned, the recommended vacuum degree is 95~98kPa (absolute pressure 2~5kPa); as far as the condenser cooling medium temperature is concerned, the relationship between the material temperature and the vacuum degree accords with the saturation temperature and pressure of the material. The relationship between the heating bath temperature and vacuum degree is determined, the cooling medium temperature depends on the type of material.

In addition, as far as the rotating speed of the evaporating flask is concerned, the higher the rotating speed of the evaporating flask, the larger the infiltration area of the inner surface of the flask and the larger the heated area; but at the same time, the thicker the liquid film thickness increases the heat transfer temperature difference.

After considering the evaporation rate of the rotating evaporator, select the supporting equipment. The supporting equipment of the rotating evaporator refers to vacuum equipment and cold source equipment. The rotary evaporator pump is recommended to use a water circulation vacuum pump or a diaphragm vacuum pump that is resistant to corrosion by various solvents. Optional vacuum controller for rotary evaporator is to realize a more efficient and controllable distillation process. In addition, the cold source equipment is selected according to the temperature of the cooling medium and the amount of evaporation.

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HAWACH suggests users maintain it frequently to increase its service life. Check the instrument carefully before use. Be careful to handle it gently. If you would like to buy rotary evaporator and have a more detailed understanding of the rotating evaporator, please contact HAWACH freely, we will offer you a reasonable rotary evaporator price.