How To Select The Right Rotary Evaporator?

There are four things we should to consider before buying a rotary evaporator.
1. What is the distillation of the rotary evaporator?
2. What is the expected distillation solvent?
3. What is the boiling point of the solvent?
4. How many samples need to be distilled?

Once you’ve determined the experimental requirements for distillation and the type of solvent, you can start buying rotary evaporators. However, in the process of buying, we should also pay attention to four points.

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First, make a clear specification of a rotary evaporator. The specification of the rotary evaporator is based on the volume of the evaporator, the size of the evaporator depends on the amount of material. Generally speaking, 2L, 3L and 5L rotary evaporators are suitable for small laboratory tests. 5L, 10L, 20L suitable for the medium test; And 5L, 10L, 20L suitable for medium test and production.

Second, the number of distillation tasks to be accomplished by rotary evaporator. Distillation efficiency is critical in determining the number of samples that need to be distilled in a day. Under the same conditions, the more efficient the distillation, the more samples can be distilled. Here, I would like to explain the factors that affect the distillation efficiency, such as the degree of vacuum in the rotary evaporator system, the heating pot temperature, and the temperature of the cooling medium.

Third, it is necessary to evaluate existing security risks. The main risks of distillation are mainly from the distillation solvent and heating medium. If the heating medium is silicone oil, the ignition temperature should be 25°C higher than the heating disc temperature. Distillation solvent with inflammable, explosive and explosion-proof glass components is preferred. After distillation is complete, it is correct to select automatic venting to avoid manual venting that may cause an explosion. If you need to optimize your laboratory, auxiliary condensing units are also a good choice to maximize the recovery of distilled solvents.

Fourth, After-sales service. After-sales service is an important reference standard when purchasing a rotary evaporator.