Operation Process of Spray Dryer

The materials to be sprayed shall be thoroughly emulsified and homogenized by the homogenizer and passed through the 80 mesh screen (to avoid blocking the atomizer and pipeline), and then placed in the stainless steel barrel for standby. In addition, connect a bucket of tap water to clean the atomizer and spray chamber. Install the material pipe of the peristaltic pump, clamp it, and fasten it with 8 nuts of the size in front of the feed port (to prevent it from floating up and inhaling air), then put it into the material bucket for later use.

Check whether the butterfly valves above the pipes connecting the dehumidifier and the collecting drum are all open; the air damper on the spray tower should be fully open; the spray cabin door should be firmly closed; the quick mounting clamps of each connecting pipe should be installed correctly; the air outlet valve of the air compressor should be opened; the emptying valve should be closed; the air pressure pipe is well connected.

Boot program:
Press the switch of the dehumidifier, close the air replacement switch of the spray dryer, adjust the air outlet pressure of the air compressor to 0.25mpa (pull out the black button and adjust it), rotate the red emergency stop button clockwise, open the LCD operation screen, and wait for 15S to enter the operation interface automatically, set the process parameters: set temperature 180 ℃, minimum temperature of 180 ℃, the maximum temperature of 192 ℃, the temperature between set and the lower limit, heating time, 10 s, heating closed time 3 s, 2 s jar set vibration, stop 2-10 s (reference material piling up on the wall of status) when low solid content of material such as water should adjust the set temperature to 185-190 ℃, the lower limit to 185 ℃.

Centrifugal Spray Dryer 5L

The boot opens first induced draft fan, dehumidifier, electric heating switch (electric heating automatic button, otherwise the temperature to the set temperature can’t jump off will continue heating), to the preheating system, light can be normally open, for monitoring the inlet air temperature reaches the set temperature, outlet air temperature between 80-90 degrees and the temperature is stable, open the atomizer 30 s, and then open the interface of the peristaltic pump switch, adjust the speed between 12 to 18 (according to the material), the early peristaltic pump to drive slowly, avoid by all means don’t feed tube Lou empty into the air (atomizer temperature is high, the lack of new material cooling can make a small amount of material liquid, dry quickly, Block the atomizer), the arrow on the atomizer points to “→”, press the Start key on the atomizer and Start squirming.

Stay material into the atomizer began to spray, open the jar (double pneumatic hammer), observe the outlet air temperature, atomization and outlet air temperature higher than 90 degrees, if you can slowly adjust the peristaltic pump speed (0.5 2) each time, continue to observe the wind temperature, look to whether stable, outlet air temperature dropped to 86-88 degrees stabilize both normal spray velocity (depending on the material viscosity, solid content and other factors), always observe the wind temperature, adjust the best material flow (water experience value in 17-18, pepper spray in 32, chicken paste with the water dissolves 1:2 is around 28).

Shutdown procedure:
After all, materials are sucked up, immediately put the feed pipe head into the cleaning bucket, use water spray to clean the atomizer, adjust the peristaltic pump speed to about 15 (there is no solid water, it is difficult to spray dry), observe whether the feeding pipe is cleaned by tap water after 5min, and then run for 2-3 minutes until the atomizer is cleaned. Turn off the peristaltic pump and open the clamp on the pump to allow the water inside to flow back into the bucket. Wait for 3-5 minutes, after the atomizer is sprayed with residual water, then turn off the atomizer.

When there is no fog, you can turn off the electric heating and vibrator, and wait for it to cool down naturally. When the inlet air temperature reaches below 150℃, the cabin door can be opened, and the air pressure gun head can be aimed at the place where there is material accumulation to blow down, pay attention to all dead corners, and aim at the elbow of the pipe at the bottom to make the material can be recovered through the cyclone separator. After blowing clean the powder, close the cabin door to blow the material for 1 minute, then turn off the induced fan and dehumidifier. Close the butterfly valve at the discharge port, remove the material collector, pour out the powder, and bag it to prevent moisture.

Cleaning spray tower:
Loosen the quick installation clamp on the right side of the collector and remove the clamp at the bottom of the spray tower to rotate the tube to one side and put a large basin of water at the bottom of the spray tower. Open the atomizer and peristaltic pump, put the feeding hose into the cleaning bucket to absorb water, press the Start key to Start peristaltic water absorption, and then immediately adjust the rotation speed to 100 after the Start of spraying.

The maximum amount of water to clean the atomizer and internal bulkhead is 3-5min. According to the operation process, first, turn off the peristaltic pump to drain the water in the material tube, then turn off the atomizer after 2 minutes, then press the emergency stop button to shut down and turn off the idle relay switch in the control cabinet. Open the hatch and connect a pipe to flush the dirty parts of the inner bulkhead. Be careful not to flush the water into the hole beside the top atomizer (prevent water from pouring into the heater). Rinse the inner wall thoroughly.

Clean surrounding accessories:
Remove the 2 section material pipe connected with cyclone separator, butterfly valve, material collector, clamp, silica gel gasket at the discharge port, and control the dry water after cleaning. When cleaning the cyclone separator, demolition of connection accessories surrounding the first, and then make sure to turn off the dehumidifier export butterfly valve (in order to avoid water flow backward to dehumidifier), on the separator at the entrance to flush with the plastic pipe, the discharging mouth with a catch basin water in order to avoid splash into the dehumidifier burn out the motor, multi-angle repeated rinse several times, until wastewater outflow colorless, clear and all accessories accused of dry water pipe fitted thoroughly dried.