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Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd is a comprehensive company that manufactures and sells laboratory equipment, integrating R & D, production and sales. The product has a wide range of applications. As a drying oven supplier, our company adheres to the development concept of quality as the center and service as the guarantee and is committed to providing high-quality equipment to customers all around the world.

As the most common drying equipment, the forced air lab oven can be widely used in many industries. Such as medical, biological, chemical and so on. Favored by our customers. We have two series of lab oven for sale. According to the different drying principles, we divide it into vacuum drying oven and an electric blast drying oven to meet the different needs of customers. The vacuum drying oven needs to use a double stage rotary vane vacuum pump to take out the air so that the atmospheric pressure in the working chamber is lower than normal pressure.

And the boiling point of the product will be reduced, ensuring that the tested product can be accelerated drying in a very clean environment. So the degree of vacuum is very important for the vacuum drying oven. The electric blast drying oven uses the electric heating method to heat the cabinet, and then the hot air is blown out by the circulating fan to ensure the temperature balance in the working room, and then the products can be dried quickly.

Drying Oven Manufacturers – Hawach

Hawach Scientific is a professional laboratory drying oven manufacturer in China. All of our lab oven for sale with high quality. For example, The vacuum drying ovens and the electric blast drying ovens are made of high-quality cold-rolled steel, and the surface is coated with an anti-static coating to ensure safety. The vacuum drying oven is mainly table type. The only digital display screen in supply. The temperature control range is RT + 50-200 ℃. The micro-controller system and PT100 thermo detector are used to ensure the accuracy of the temperature. Electric blast drying ovens are divided into two types according to different styles: table type forced convection drying oven and vertical type oven for drying.

The temperature control range is RT + 50-250 ℃, intelligent digital display PID temperature controller, with PT100 thermo detector, make its temperature control more accurate, Digital display and LCD display are available for easy temperature setting, control, and display. Due to the different capacities of dry items, the vertical forced air lab oven is divided into ordinary drying oven and industrial vertical drying oven, which can meet the diverse needs of customers and save time in selection. Both types of drying ovens have the functions of timing and over-temperature alarm, and the longest timing time is 9999 minutes. Greatly improved work efficiency.

As the laboratory drying oven manufacturer, we need to remind customers, the selection of the forced air lab oven needs to be determined according to your application and the nature of the items to be dried.

As our best-selling product, the drying oven has the advantages of sensitive operation, reliable performance and fast drying speed, which saves space and is easy to move. Hawach is your reliable drying oven supplier.

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