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Freeze Drying Machine for Sale

Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd. is a professional lyophilizer manufacturers specializing in the research, development, production, and sales of microfiltration and laboratory equipment, and has ISO9001 and CE certification. Now we have full kinds of lyophilizer for sale. In order to meet the needs of different customers, help customers save time, costs and purchase high-quality products, our company has also invested in the research and development about the production of lyophilizer series equipment. Through a series of market research and price control, while ensuring the quality of high-quality products, we can reduce production costs as much as possible, and provide customers with the most suitable laboratory freeze dryer price, that the lyophilizer for sale is very competitive in the market.

Principles of freeze drying machine for sale

The basic principle of freeze drying is based on the three-state change of water. Water has solid, liquid, and gaseous states. The three states can be transformed and coexist. Freeze drying technology uses the principle of sublimation to dry the sample. The dried sample is rapidly frozen at low temperatures, and then the frozen water molecules are directly sublimated into water vapor to escape under an appropriate vacuum environment.

Therefore, freeze drying machine technology has become more and more popular since its inception and has been increasingly used in medicine, biological products, and food. Most of the biological products, serum, bacterial, medicines from China or the western world, to list just a few, are some biologically active substances. Vacuum freeze drying technology has also made a great contribution to the preservation of biological activity to the greatest extent. As a lyophilizer manufacturer, we have been committed to promoting scientific development.

Characteristic of lyophilizer for sale

At present, Hawach lyophilizer manufacturer mainly has two kinds of lyophilizer for sale, one is an ordinary desktop freeze dryer that is suitable for small production, and the other is an insitu freeze dryer that can be used for large-scale industrial production.

Ordinary desktop freeze dryer is laboratory multi-purpose small ordinary lyophilizer, compact bench design, small footprint, easy to move and operate. Therefore, the laboratory freeze dryer price is very suitable. Besides, since we are lyophilizer manufacturers, we save a lot of unnecessary costs. In other words, we have minimized laboratory freeze dryer price for our customers.

The insitu freeze dryer is mostly used for large-scale experiments. It changes the tedious operation of the previous drying process, prevents material pollution, and realizes the automation of drying and sublimation. This model has shelf heating and programmable functions can memorize the freeze-drying curve and have u disk extraction function, which is convenient for users to observe the freeze-drying process of materials. There are two types of electric heating freeze dryer for sale and silicone oil heating freeze dryer lab equipment.

Silicon oil heating insitu lyophilizer maintains the original characteristics of the in-situ lyophilizer. At the same time, silicone oil as a circulating medium has high temperature control accuracy, shelf temperature difference ≤1 °C, uniform drying effect, and can better maintain the characteristics of materials.

The shelf cooling of the electric heating in-situ lyophilizer is directly from the evaporation end of the compressor, and the cooling is rapid, so the temperature control is not too uniform. Therefore, generally, it is not recommended to use an electric heating lyophilizer for temperature sensitive materials.

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