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Heating or Cooling Circulator

Cooling heating circulator is a crucial part of many laboratory equipments like rotary evaporator, glass reactor, short path distillation, molecular distillation equipment, etc… By conducting liquid(oil or water) at a set temperature in a cooling heating circulator flowing through the equipment or parts that need to be heated up or cooled down, the temperature of the equipment is lowered or increased gradually and evenly. The heating function of a heating circulator or cooling heating circulator is used with a heating bath or jacketed heating layer, to heat up the equipment for reaction or evaporation. The cooling function of a cooling circulator or cooling heating circulator is used with condenser or cold trap to reflux the vapor into liquid.

The cooling heating circulator is a 2-in-1 equipment, which can be used for both cooling and heating while cooling circulators or heating circulators can just be used for cooling or heating.

Cooling heating circulator differs from heating circulator and cooling circulator with the details listed as follows:

Features of cooling heating circulator

Heating circulator

Heating circulator manufacturer designs a PID control system with PT100 thermometer probe, which makes the temperature increase fast and temperature control precisely;
Heating circulator manufacturer developed open type and sealed type heating circulators with all sizes and temperature range;
Heating circulator manufacturer equips heating circulators with durable pump made of stainless steel, which is anti-corrosion as well;
The big LCD touch screen is installed by a heating circulator manufacturer, which is easy to identify and operate.
The circulation pump used by heating circulator manufacturer is with a big flow rate, which makes the temp. Increase very fast.

Cooing circulator

Cooling circulator supplier adopted imported key components in cooling circulator, which is durable and effective;

Anti-corrosion material is used by cooling circulator supplier in cooling circulator which is free from damage caused by rust, corrosive and polluted liquid.

Cooling circulator supplier designed energy-saving cooling circulator which can be used in bad condition like low water pressure, polluted water, without hurting the cooled equipment.

Cooling water circulator vacuum pump is available at cooling circulator supplier with vacuum pump function;

Optional: Magnetic stirring with heating function, which is invented by an innovative cooling circulator supplier.

Cooling heating circulator

Sealed structure cooling heating circulator, which is energy-saving, effective, safe and durable;

Biggest temperature range from -105℃ to +300℃, with different supporting volume and temperature range, Hawach cooling heating circulator is fit for all your laboratory needs.

Cooling heating circulator with a PLC control system, which is high automated and easy to operate. Precise PID control cooling heating circulator. Effective cooling heating circulator with the circulation pump of the big rate of flow and small consumption of oil.

The cooling heating circulator is 2-in-1 equipment which is suitable for most equipment with high usage.

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