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Rotary Evaporator

The rotary evaporator is a popular laboratory instrument which can distillate materials under vacuumed condition. 20l rotovap for sale consists of a distillation bottle, heating bath, rotary and lifting motor, supporting shelf, cooling condenser, and a receiving flask. The whole set rotary evaporator for sale devices can be easily assembled after connecting to the cooling water circulator and vacuum pump for sale.

Hawach has many quality rotary evaporator for sale. We have 1L-5L, 10L-50L rotovap;
• Both oil (180-200L)and water bath (90-100L);
• Speed 90rmp, 120rmp, 200rmp, 280rmp, and 310rmp rotating evaporator;
• With customized PTFE composite spacer and quality rubber valve, so the distillation efficiency is improved under high vacuumed condition;
• Rotovap with customized cooling water circulator for;
• Rotary evaporator for sale with effective double or triple reflux coil condenser;
• Lifting lever 120-150mm height rotary evaporator;
• Quality stainless steel or fluorine coating bath rotovap;
• With different safety protection measures: auto-lifting lever or heater outage in over-temperature condition;
• 20l rotovap for sale with digital, LCD or touch screen;
• Special dripping point design of rotary evaporator prevents reflux and improves the cooling efficiency of coil condenser;
• Rotovap with different lifting sets button press, strut press or rotary type.

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