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Vacuum Pump for Sale

Vacuum pump extract air from the pumped container to produce, maintain or improve vacuum in a sealed space by various means such as mechanical, physical, chemical, or physicochemical methods.

For equipment that does not need a high vacuum condition, you may only choose a single vacuum pump for sale. For a higher vacuum degree condition with larger pumping speed and a wider range of pressure, the second stage vacuum pump for sale(such as a molecular pump or diffusion pump) must be equipped with a front vacuum pump.

Vacuum pump manufacturer developed various vacuum pump to suits different vacuuming requirement, which is widely used in metallurgy, chemical, food, electronic coating, and other industries.

As a professional vacuum pump manufacturer, Hawach has different

lab vacuum pump price

for you choice, like water circulation vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump for sale, diaphragm pump, spiral pump, roots pump, roots pump group, molecular vacuum pump for sale, molecular pump group, diffusion pump, and diffusion pump group… Furthermore, lab vacuum pump prices may differ in different aspects, with different vacuum degrees, extraction rates, with or without a vacuum controller for rotary evaporator, anti-crossion, energy-saving and so on.

To solve the problem of water shortage and durability, vacuum pump manufacturer developed energy saving vacuum pump which is not sensitive to gas containing dust and water vapor, which prolongs the service life of vacuum pump for sale.

More improvement possibilities still need to be found in vacuum pump for sale. Contact Hawach, vacuum pump manufacturer will offer you the best vacuum solution with cost-effective lab vacuum pump price.

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