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120rmp Water Bath, Digital Display 10L-50L Rotary Evaporator

Working principle for 50L rotary evaporator: under vacuumed condition, the liquid is rotating heated at a certain speed. The liquid forms a very thin film on the bottle wall and evaporates rapidly.


Lab rotary evaporator is mainly used in biopharmaceutical, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other related fields for liquid concentration, crystallization, drying, separation, and solvent recovery.

Optional volumetric bottle:

10L rotovap,20L rotary evaporator,50L rotary evaporator.

Elegant appearance, simple design, easy to install, and disassemble.

Features for RE120-W1/W2 series lab rotary evaporator

1. The rotating speed of 20L rotary evaporator can reach 120rmp/min;
2. Temperature can reach 99°C for a water bath;
3. Effective triple-flux coil condenser of Lab rotary evaporator increased evaporation process;
4. Integral bath of made of stainless steel with a protection layer which is safe to use and easy to clean;
5. Bath position can be lifted to adjust the position of the rotary bottle in the bath;
6. Seal ring of PTFE spring composite with the high vacuum;
7. Rotating bottle of 10L, 20L and 50L available,larger than rotary evaporator apparatus;
8. The vacuum gauge is equipped as a reference to adjust accordingly;
9. Continuous receiving flask of 50L rotary evaporator with a discharge valve is equipped on this series to achieve continuous processing without changing the bottle;
10. W1 is for main and subsidiary condenser(double reflux) with hand rotary lifting type.
11. W2 is for the single condenser(triple reflux) with automatic lifting type.
12. RE120-W1 series lab rotary evaporator is a cost-effective one to buy rotovap.

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LiftingManual lifting lab rotary evaporatorAutomatic lifting lab rotary evaporator
Item #RE120-10L-W1RE120-20L-W1RE120-50L-W1RE120-10L-W2RE120-20L-W2RE120-50L-W2
Pictures50l rotary evaporatorlab rotary evaporator
Vacuum GearY
Rot. Power90W120W180W90W125W180W
Total Power3KW5KW8KW3KW5KW7.5KW
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