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200rmp Press-Button Lifting, Water Bath Rotary Evaporator

The evaporator bottle is placed in a water bath in decompression, rotates and heats at the same time so that the solution can be efficiently diffused and evaporated. Lab rotary evaporator is widely used in concentration, drying, extraction and recovery of samples.



The rotary evaporator is a popular and ideal scientific research equipment in the chemical industry, medicine, food, environmental protection, universities, and so on. This industrial rotary evaporator series is the most economic products, the lifting way all adopt manual lifting, with very smooth up and down adjustment.

The rotovap for sale at Hawach is stable and durable. Same as rotovap distillation, the design of a laboratory rotary evaporator follows the principle of efficiency, practicality, and economy, all for the sake of customers, the best choice to buy rotovap.

Features for RE200-W series industrial rotary evaporators

1. The rotating speed can reach 200rmp/min;
2. Temperature can reach 90-100°C for water bath;
3. Effective dual-flux coil condenser of laboratory rotary evaporator increases the evaporation process;
4. Integral bath with a safety handle which is safe and easy to clean;
5. Button-press lifting can be used to adjust the position of rotary bottle in the bath;
6. Seal ring of PTFE spring composite with the high vacuum;
7. Rotating bottle of 2L, 5L rotovap for sale;
8. The vacuum gauge is equipped as a reference to adjust accordingly.

3 different display of laboratory rotary evaporators can choose with the following details:

D1 for digital panel displaying temperature;
D2 for digital panel displaying temperature and rotating speed;
D3 for LCD displaying D1 for digital panel displaying temperature speed.

You may find most economic rotovap for sale at Hawach with the following parameters
Item # RE200-2L-W-D1 RE200-2L-W-D2 RE200-2L-W-D3 RE200-5L-W-D2
Pictures RE200-2L-W-D1 industrial rotary evaporator RE200-2L-W-D2 laboratory rotary evaporator RE200-2L-W-D3 RE200-5L-W-D2
Volume 2L 2L 2L 5L
Rotation 200rmp/min 200rmp/min 200rmp/min 200rmp/min
Controller Digital Digital LCD Digital
Display Temp. Temp&Rot. Temp&Rot. Temp&Rot.
Temperature 90 90 100 90
Inlet/Outlet Y/N
Vacuum Gear N
Rot. Power 40W 40W 40W 40W
Total Power 1.5KW 1.5KW 1KW 2KW
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