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280rmp Automatic Lifting, Water Bath, Digital Display Rotary Evaporator

This industrial rotovap is a device that uses a rotating evaporator bottle (flask) to increase the evaporation area and place it in a water bath under reduced pressure while heated, so that the solution in the bottle diffuses and evaporates into the coil condenser, and then received into the receiving bottle.


Chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, institutions of higher learning and scientific research laboratories and other units use Hawach rotavapor for sale in the manufacture and analysis of experiments for concentration, drying, recycling, and other more ideal essential equipment.
The main metal parts of RE280-W series rotovap distillation adopt stainless steel, rustproof aluminum alloy, compact structure, elegant appearance, durability, and strong practicability.
The sealing system adopts fluorine glue + double PTEF import material, it also combined with glass rotary shaft, which ensures without removing slag and extends its service life.
diaphragm vacuum pump
This industrial rotovap is your most economical choice when buy rotary evaporator.

Features for RE280-W series rotovap distillation:

1. The rotating speed can reach 280rmp/min, lower than 310rpm 5-liter rotovap;
2. Temperature can reach 100°C for water bath;
3. Effective dual-flux coil condenser increased evaporation process;
4. An integral bath without wire which is safe and easy to clean and add water;
5. Button-press lifting can be used to adjust the position of rotary bottle in the bath;
6. Seal ring of PTFE spring composite with the high vacuum;
7. Temperature is shown on the outside of the bath;
8. Rotary speed can be adjusted by the turning button on panel;
9. 3 condensers to choose for these products.

You can find details of RE280-W series rotavapor for sale in the following chart:
Item #RE280-2L-W-C2
Vacuum GearN
Rot. Power60W
Total Power1.3KW
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