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310rpm Oil & Water Bath, LCD Display Rotary Evaporator

The evaporating flask adopts the pushing hand mechanical device for easy- disassembling, which is safe and reliable. A type standard receiving flask connection and B type ball mill connection to choose.


RE1-OW-L rotary evaporator could be used for both oil bath & water bath experiments. This series instrument is beautiful, elegant, with reasonable and compact design, accurate temperature control, and reliable performance, which is easy to operate as well.

As a rotary evaporator manufacturer, Hawach develops this series as an economic replacement for the rotating evaporator. In addition to practical and user-friendly design, strong & durable performance is also the most important feature of this series vacuum rotary evaporator for sale. We have 2L/3L/5L rotovap in this series.

Features of RE1-OW-L Series Vacuum Rotary Evaporator for Sale

1. The rotating speed can reach 310rmp/min for crystalization experiment;
2. Temperature can reach 180°C for both oil and water bath, which is controlled by PID with temp. the precision of ±1-3°C;
3. Rotary evaporator manufacturers upgraded the original digital display to big LCD Screen and with positive-reverse rotation function which can be used for drying materials;
4. Effective dual-flux coil condenser and dripping point design prevent backflow of evaporation and increased evaporation process;
5. Over temp. Outage protection and Cooling air duct design in bath prevents the rotating bottle from breakage;
6. Integral bath with a safety handle which is safe and easy to clean;
7. Button-press lifting can be used to adjust the position of the rotary bottle in the bath;
8. Fast rotating speed and big temperature range of Hawach rotary evaporators for sale provides more options for evaporation of most materials;
9. Dual seal ring of PTFE spring composite with the high vacuum;
10. The timer function of rotary evaporators increases automation and intelligence, which is easy to operate;
11. Rotary evaporator manufacturers adopts brushless DC motor in the RE1-OW-L rotary evaporator to achieve more stable and reliable performance.
12. 2L/3L/5L rotovap available.

Product parameters

rotating evaporator 2000

Item NO.RE1-2000A/B-OW-LRE1-3000A/B-OW-LRE1-5000A-OW-L
DescriptionLCD display Oil & Water Bath Rotary Evaporator
Evaporation CapacityMax. 25ml/minMax. 27ml/minMax. 43ml/min
Rotation Flask2L+1L3L+1L5L+1L
Receiving Flask1L2L3L
DisplayLCD screen vacuum rotary evaporator for sale
Rotating Speed0-310rmp/min0-200rmp/min
Temperature RangeOil and water bath, 0-180 °C
Temp. PrecisionPID Temp. Ctrl ±1-3°C
CondenserDouble flux effective condenser
Drip Point DesignY
SealingDual seal ring of PTFE spring composite
Positive And Negative Rotate FunctionY
Safety ProtectionAnti-dry outage protection
Auto-Lifting Function In Over Heat Or StopN
Safe Bath HandleY
Integral BathY
Extra1L pear-shaped bottle
Voltage220V, 50Hz
Pack Weight30kg35kg42kg
Pack Size71*64.5*51cm71*64.5*79cm78*69*85cm
Assemble Size66*42*83cm70*43*86cm74*44*96cm
OtherRapid heating

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