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310rpm Water Bath, LCD Display Horizontal Condenser Rotary Evaporator

Bigger sizes (such as 20-liter rotovap or 50L rotovap) are available in other designs. If you require other rotovap prices, please contact Hawach for more details.


RE1-W-L series-horizontal condenser is a water bath type rotary vacuum distiller with the effective horizontal condenser. Since the vacuum suction head is horizontally located, the vacuum pump can be conveniently connected to the suction head. This design facilitates the evaporating gas to directly enter the condensing tube quickly, thus improving the working efficiency of the rotary vacuum distiller.

This series rotovap price is very favorable compared with other 5l/2l rotary evaporator. Because the horizontal condenser design requires a bigger space, big size like 5-liter rotovap, 10L rotovap, 20-liter rotovap, and 50L rotovap do not adopt this design.

Features of RE1-W-L series-horizontal condenser rotary vacuum distiller

1. Water bath horizontal condenser rotary vacuum distiller has a temperature range of RT-99°C. With automatic overheat protection function to prevent the material from changing due to excessive temperature.
2. Rotovap price for RE1-W-L series-horizontal condenser is very cost-effective.
3. Unlike the big size 20L rotovap and 50-liter rotovap, a horizontal condenser rotary vacuum distiller has the fastest rotating speed of 310rmp/min, which can be used for most crystalization experiment.
4. Backflow prevents the design of a rotary vacuum distiller makes the experiment more efficient and prevents sample liquid from coming into the pump to break.
5. With vacuum gauge, effectively prevent the rotovap pumps liquid into the rotary vacuum distiller.
6. Sealing parts: choose the latest fluorine rubber and PTFE composite material imported, through special processing, enhance the sealing, anti-corrosion, and wear resistance.
7. Efficient horizontal condenser tube, with double reflux condenser of large condensation area, which improves the distillation efficiency

Product parameters

rotary vacuum distiller re1-2000c

Item NO.RE1-2000C-W-LRE1-3000C-W-L
DescriptionLCD display water bath rotary evaporator with horizontal condenser
Evaporation CapacityMax. 25ml/minMax. 27ml/min
Rotation Flask2L+1L3L+1L
Receiving Flask1L2L
DisplayLCD screen
Rotating Speed0-310rmp/min0-200rmp/min
Temperature RangeWater bath, 99 °C
Temp. PrecisionPID Temp. Ctrl ±1°C
CondenserDouble flux effective horizontal coil condenser
Drip Point DesignY
SealingDual seal ring of PTFE spring composite
Positive And Negative Rotate FunctionY
Safety ProtectionAnti-dry outage protection
Auto-Lifting Function In Over Heat Or StopY
Safe Bath HandleY
Integral BathY
Extra1L pear-shaped bottle
Voltage220V, 50Hz
Pack Weight30kg35kg
Pack Size71*64.5*51cm71*64.5*79cm
Assemble Size82*42*83cm86*43*83cm
OtherRapid heating
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