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310rpm Water Bath, LCD Display Multi-Bottled Rotary Evaporator

The design is equipped with a vacuum gauge and a valve to control the vacuum degree so that the liquid in the corrosion-resistant vacuum pump will not rush back to the rotary distiller and affect the experiment result.


RE1-W-L series multi-bottled rotary distiller’s main metal parts adopt stainless steel and rustproof aluminum alloy, which ensures the compact structure, elegant appearance, good durability, and strong practicability.

The sealing system adopts double PTFE composite material, along with the glass rotary shaft, which ensures the high vacuum and long service life of the rotary distiller. Rotary evaporator supplier has 3 types of multi-bottled rotary distiller for you to choose—5*50ml, 5*100ml, and 5*150ml.

Different from the standard 5l/2l rotary evaporator, the RE1-W-L series multi-bottled rotary distiller is specially designed for the concentration experiment, which can concentrate on five solution samples at the same time. It is very suitable for several people to carry out the same experiment in the laboratory and compare the result. To buy rotovap for compare experiments, the RE1-W-L series multi-bottled rotary distiller will be cost and time-effective.

Features of RE1-W-L series-multi-bottled rotary distiller

1. Temperature range: RT-99°C. The heating tube stops heating automatically when the temperature is higher than the set temperature. The safe handle on the heating bath is safe. Moderate volume of the heating bath makes the rotary distiller heat quickly. The heating bath is the Teflon compound, which is anti-corrosion and easy cleaning.
2. The rotating speed can be adjusted by electronic stepless controller. Rotating speed is suggested to adjust lower in multi-head rotation. The positive-reverse rotation function is optional. It can be rotated intermittently for the drying process.
3. The rotary evaporator supplier equipped the rotary condenser with large condensation area, drop point, and backflow prevention design, which effectively improves evaporation efficiency.
4. Rotary evaporator suppliers produce evaporation flask use pushing mechanism device for convenient disassemble, which is safe and reliable.
5. Buy rotovap with multi-bottled design, you may enjoy 5 concentration experiment in one rotary distiller.

Product parameters

rotary evaporator suppliers MT1-2000A-Wrotary distiller

Item NO.RE1-5*50A-W-LRE1-5*100A-W-LRE1-5*150A-W-L
DescriptionIntegral 5 rotate bottles
Evaporation Capacity25ml/min27ml/min43ml/min
Rotation Flask5*50ml5*100ml5*150ml
Receiving Flask1L2L3L
DisplayLCD display; PID Temp. Ctrl
Rotating Speed0-310rmp/min, digital speed control
Temperature RangeWater bath, 0-99 °C
Temp. Precision±1°C
CondenserDual-reflux effective condenser
Drip Point DesignY
SealingDual-reflux effective condenser
Safety ProtectionOver temp. Outage protection
Safe Bath HandleY
Integral BathY
Vacuum ControlVacuum gauge and control valve
LiftingButton-press lifting
Back Flow PreventionY
Power1.5KW, 220V, 50Hz1.5KW, 220V, 50Hz2KW, 220V, 50Hz
Pack Weight30kg35kg42kg
Pack Size71*64.5*51cm71*64.5*79cm78*69*85cm
Assemble Size66*42*83cm70*43*86cm77*44*96cm
OtherRapid heating
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