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-50°C Small Freeze Dryer for Sale; Digital Display

Hawach -50 Series tray lyophilizer freeze dryer for sale, with pre-freezing function, digital display temperature, and vacuum. The imported closed compressor is highly efficient and reliable, with low noise and excellent performance.



Reasonable lyophilization machine price for small freeze dryer 

Freeze dryer -50 series is a small freeze dryer, it can be divided into ordinary type, gland type, ordinary bottle hanging type, gland bottle hanging type, and track multi-manifold type. According to the different types, we have 5 types freeze dryer for sale. Small freeze dryer for sale is our common type. Depending on the nature of the test sample, we will recommend a suitable freeze dryer for sale. The larger the order, the lower the lyophilization machine price. 

Small freeze dryer is easy to operate and move. Compared with the vertical freeze dryer lab equipment, the tray lyophilization machine price has obvious advantages and is widely welcomed by the laboratory. Due to the compact design of the desktop lyophilizer, the floor area is relatively small and the appearance is beautiful, the lyophilized area is not large, generally 0.1-0.12 square meters, equipped with a 4-layer material tray, which fully meets the laboratory’s small experiments.

If you want to customize tray lyophilizer, we also can support you. The lyophilization machine price depends on quality, Hawach has a reasonable lyophilization machine price for you. 

The temperature of the cold trap is generally -50 degrees, using stainless steel, no coils inside, large openings, smooth and corrosion-resistant, which can reduce material pollution.
freeze dryer for sale

Freeze dryer -50 series tray lyophilizer with pre-freezing function, digital display temperature, and vacuum. The imported closed compressor is highly efficient and reliable, with low noise and excellent performance. At the same time, it has the originally imported inflation valve, which can be filled with dry nitrogen or inert gas.

The freeze dryer -50 series tray lyophilizer is equipped with a patented diversion tube to speed up the lyophilization process and greatly reduce the experimental time. In order to better observe the experiment, a transparent bell-type drying chamber is used, which is safe and intuitive. According to the needs of different customers, freeze dryer -50 Series tray lyophilizer is also available with sample temperature display and -80 degrees.

Technical parameters for FD-50 Series tray lyophilizer

TypeOrdinaryTop-pressOrdinary Hang 8-bottledTop-press Hang 8-bottledT-shelf multiple 24-bottled
Condensation temperature<-50°C
Vacuum Degree<20Pa
Drying Area (㎡)——-
Material Volume ( L)——-
Water-capture capability3kg/24h
Tray size & quantity(pcs)Φ20cm×4Φ20cm×3Φ20cm×4Φ20cm×3——-
Tray Spacing7cm
Power Supply220V/50Hz/850W
Size (cm)38*60*(34.5); drying room dimension 26*26*42cm

Advantages of small freeze dryer method over traditional drying

Methods for drying are various, sun-drying, cooking, spray-drying, vacuum drying, etc. However, ordinary drying methods are usually performed at a temperature of 0°C or higher. Generally, the products obtained by drying have the problems of shrinking in size and hardening the texture. Most of the volatile components will be lost, some heat-sensitive substances will be denatured and deactivated, and some substances will even be oxidized. Therefore, compared with the product before drying, the properties of the product after drying are very different. Our lyophilization machine price is highly competitive when considering small freeze dryer quality. 

The lyophilization rule is basically carried out below 0°C, that is, in a frozen state of the product, and generally does not exceed 60°C when analyzing and drying. Under vacuum conditions, when water vapor directly sublimates, the drug remains in the ice shelf when it freezes, forming a sponge-like loose porous structure, so its volume will not change after drying. Before reuse, as long as water for injection is added, it will immediately dissolve, maintaining the original structure, and no concentration phenomenon will occur.

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