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-55°C Insitu Freeze Dry Machine for Sale; Electronic Heating

For desktop freeze dryer, we have two types of desktop split and vertical freeze dry machine for sale. Insitu electric heating freeze dryer is a type of vertical integrated freeze drying equipment.



According to freeze dryer manufacturer, the most significant difference between the insitu electric lyophilizer and table top freeze dryer is that pre-freezing and drying can be completed in situ to prevent material pollution and reduce the tedious operation of the drying process, thereby achieving in-situ lyophilization and improving. Desktop freeze dryer improves production efficiency, is easy to operate, and provides conditions for automated production.
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The vertical integrated in-situ freeze dryer is simple in operation, has a large freeze-drying area, and is slightly more expensive than a desktop. However, its performance is superior. In order to support our customers, we will try our best to ensure the quality of reducing production costs and reduce expenses for customers. At the same time, excellent after-sales service guarantee questions can be answered for the first time, providing customers with the best solution in experimental operation. If you want to buy freeze dryer at a reasonable price, please contact us.

Main advantages of freeze dry machine for sale

1. The transparent acrylic observation window can be used to observe and detect the freeze-dried condition at any time, so as to adjust the experimental progress.
2. 7-inch true color touch screen control, easy to operate, can switch between Chinese and English interface, specially designed for foreign customers, and can display working time, condensing temperature, sample temperature, vacuum degree in the form of numbers and curves, and can also record the freeze-dried curve.
3. The industrial embedded operating system, fast response, and large memory.
4. It can automatically save lyophilized data, and can store lyophilized data for more than one month;
5. IT contains a USB interface, can be directly connected to the computer to view the freeze-dried curve status; easy to store.
6. The precise control system, a total of 36 freeze-drying curve schemes, each of which contains 40 sections of temperature control settings, can realize the freeze-drying process parameter recording of various materials, and can be set in time for the next freeze-drying; Eliminate unnecessary links and improve production efficiency.
7. Built-in electric defrost function, which helps to keep dry, clean, and durable, and can better maintain the freeze dry machine.
8. The larger the order, the lower the vacuum freeze dryer price.

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Something we should know before buy lyophilizer

Based on the temperature, vacuum, and lyophilized area required for lyophilized items, the product can be selected initially. At the same time, as a professional freeze dryer manufacturer and seller of lyophilization equipment, If you want to buy freeze dryer, we can recommend the most suitable products according to the different parameters.

As a freeze dryer manufacturer, we strive to provide customers with the highest quality products and best services. If necessary, we can also customize for customers, design and customize solutions specifically for desktop freeze dryer themselves, and freeze in situ for electric heating. Dryer, According to requirements, can also be equipped with separator temperature control, vacuum degree adjustment, eutectic point test function, dual-machine cascade refrigeration (-80 degrees).

Obviously, due to the convenience of the in-situ freeze dryer, the in-situ vacuum freeze dryer price will also be slightly more expensive than the desktop freeze dryer. But when we want to buy a freeze dryer, we mainly thinking about the application and quality. When it can meet our standard, we will consider the vacuum freeze dryer price.  As a good freeze dryer manufacturer, we always put customers first. But the vacuum freeze dryer price must match its quality.

Hawach Scientific is a reliable, efficient, R&D, and production capacity of the outstanding professional export laboratory freeze dryer manufacturer and suppliers. There are two main types of freeze dry machine for sale: ordinary models and gland models. The common type is mainly used in general freeze-drying. The gland type has the performance of vacuum packaging in addition to freeze-drying, which effectively prevents the sample from scattering and is easy to use.

Buy lyophilizer, please contact the freeze dryer manufacturer.

Technical parameters for ILFD-55EH Series freeze dry machine

Freeze Area(m2)
Lowest Temp.(°C)-60 to -55
Vacuum (Pa)</=-5
Water Capture (kg/24h)4610
Partition Temp. (°C)-50 to +70
Volume(L, 1cm)2146
Tray size&Qty (cm)40*27*2 layer40*27*1 layer30*34*4 layer30*34*6 layer
Tray Spacing(cm)75
Bottle #(pcs)













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