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-60°C Scientific Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer Electronic heating; LCD Display

The scientific freeze dryer-60 series is also a relatively small benchtop laboratory freeze dryer. Unlike other desktop freeze dryers, the -60 degree scientific freeze dryer is the only device with a separate electric heating function.



Reasonable lyophilization machine price provided by lyophilizer suppliers

Under the high vacuum state, scientific freeze dryer lyophilizer suppliers using the principle of sublimation, the moisture in the pre-frozen material is directly removed as water vapor in the ice state without melting the ice, so as to achieve the purpose of freeze drying.

Unlike other desktop freeze dryers, the -60 degree scientific freeze dryer is the only device with a separate electric heating function. This allows the lyophilization time and efficiency to be controlled to achieve the best lyophilization effect. Because this is the unique advantage of -60 degrees freeze dryer lyophilizer, the lyophilization equipment price provided by laboratory freeze dryer supplier will also be slightly more expensive than other desktops.

Hawach is professional scientific freeze dryer lyophilizer suppliers. Regarding the lyophilization equipment, we have -50 degrees freeze dryer for sale, -60 degrees, -80 degrees benchtop manifold freeze dryer to choose from. The scientific freeze dryer -60 Series is also a relatively small benchtop laboratory freeze dryer.

Because vacuum freeze drying has the unparalleled advantages of other drying methods, it is widely used in medicine, biological products, chemical, and food industries.
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The main features of the scientific freeze dryer-60 series

1. Compact design, taking up less space on the desktop.
2. Beautiful appearance and easy operation.
3. The compressor is fully enclosed, efficient, and reliable, and low noise.
4. Optional: mature superimposed double compressor technology with lower freezing temperature, suitable for a wider range of freeze-dried materials.
5. A large cold trap with a pre-freezing function can realize the effective freezing process.
6. The built-in electronic defrost function helps the cold trap to dry after use, keep cool, clean, sanitary, and durable, and can extend the life of the cold trap.
7. The transparent drying room, the inside of the drying process is clearly visible and can be adjusted immediately.
8. True color operation panel, easy to operate, and record the freeze-drying process with graphics and curves.
9. The industrial embedded operating system, responds quickly and has a large storage space.
10. The control system is equipped with 36 free-drying embodiments, each of which is provided with 40 temperature section settings so that the freeze-drying process of certain materials can be accurately recorded so that the next freeze-drying setting of the same material much easier.
11. The 36V silicon heating partition is stable in heating, safe, and more precise in temperature control.
12. The partition has overheating protection and the compressor can be delayed for protection.
13. The temperature of the separator is adjustable, which can be used for experiments, experiments, or small batch production.

The standard configuration provided by freeze dryer lyophilizer suppliers

Desktop host, anti-oil return vacuum pump, ordinary drying device (4 sample trays), transparent acrylic glass cover, vacuum pump connection tube

Optional: zone temperature control; vacuum adjustment and control; eutectic point test; inert gas inlet inflation valve; -80 degrees Celsius type.

The lyophilization equipment main parameters constitute

SpecificationStandard8-bottledTop-press8-bottled top-press
Freeze-Drying Area0.18/0.270.09
Cold Trap Temperature°C< -60 (no-loading), optional
Vacuum DegreePa≤ 5 (no-loading)
Water-Capture Capabilitykg/24h6
Tray Dimensioncmφ24*4/6 layerφ20*3 layer
Total Powerw2100
Dimension (-56°C )cm63×58×(97+46) drying room
Bulk Capacity (thickness 10mm)L1.8/2.72/311.2
Vial Loading NumberpcsФ12mm*1320






As a laboratory freeze dryer supplier, based on the principle of customer first, through long-term research, market surveys, and customer feedback, we finally determined lyophilization equipment with superior performance that can meet the requirements of most customers. From the source, first of all, the material must be corrosion-resistant and durable, and then lyophilization equipment price must conform to market rules, and secondly, it must have strict after-sales service.


A qualified laboratory freeze dryer supplier should not only provide freeze dryer lyophilizer to customers but also ensure that customers have problems that can be resolved in a timely manner. For freeze dryer lyophilizer, if the product is damaged by non-human causes, all parts are packaged with domestic freight. There are problems with installation and commissioning, and lyophilizer suppliers also have the professional after-sales technical staff to provide support to ensure that customers can have a perfect shopping experience.

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