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-80°C Benchtop Lyophilizer Manifold Freeze Dryer (Double Compressor)

There are two main types of benchtop lyophilizer: ordinary models and gland models. The common type is mainly used in general freeze-drying. The gland type has the performance of vacuum packaging in addition to freeze-drying.



Reasonable lyophilizer price for benchtop lyophilizer

Divided by use, there are three main types of freeze dryers: laboratory, pilot, and production. Among them, the most demanded by the market are benchtop manifold freeze dryer and pilot lyophilizers. Benchtop lyophilizer is more expensive and the user cost is too high, and generally preferred by large enterprises. For small experiments, the laboratory lyophilizer is preferred. Meanwhile, laboratory lyophilizer price is also very cheap. The laboratory type lyophilizer is small in size and can be divided into desktop and vertical. The tabletop freeze dryer and vertical is available in the ordinary, gland, and manifold types.
laboratory lyophilizer price

Choose different tabletop freeze dryer with different samples. Due to the limitation of the desktop’s internal space, the small benchtop manifold freeze dryer is basically difficult to pre-freeze at -80 degrees. But the freeze dryer -80 Series can totally meet the standard.

Therefore, it is necessary to verify whether the temperature can meet the experimental requirements while considering economic applicability. Hawach also provides -50 series small freeze dryer, -60 series scientific freeze dryer, -75 freeze dryer lab equipment, and so on.

Meanwhile, according to the budget, the benchtop lyophilizer price cannot be ignored while considering the quality. The benchtop lyophilizer price of Hawach is based on production cost and quality and market positioning. So the benchtop lyophilizer price of our company is very reasonable.

Freeze Dryer -80 Series is an experimental small benchtop manifold freeze dryer. Due to the large internal space, the tabletop freeze dryer can reach a pre-freeze of -80, and the heat dissipation is better than other small desktop freeze dryers, which can better protect the machine and extend the service life of the machine.

As a result, compressors, control circuits, etc. age more slowly and the machine is more efficient. When selecting a lyophilizer, you can choose the most suitable product based on the lyophilized area and the temperature requirements of the sample. Because the area of this freeze dryer is larger than the other desktop lyophilizer, the pre-freezing temperature will be lower. But the laboratory lyophilizer price still friendly.

Freeze Dryer -80 Series adopts overlapping double compressor technology, which has lower freezing temperatures and can be applied to more types of freeze-drying materials. In terms of compressor selection, the international brand Secop (formerly Danfoss) was selected for superior performance.

Several major factors to benchtop manifold freeze dryer
table top freeze dryer

1. Lyophilized area
According to your own needs, the amount of lyophilized material to determine the size of the benchtop lyophilizer.
Such as water, each batch needs to be lyophilized 1.2 kg (liters), and the material is loaded in a material tray. Each tray is 10㎜ thick, and the load area of the lyophilized board can be calculated: A (area, ㎡) = V (volume, m3) / H (height, m) = 0.0012m3 / 0.01m = 0.12㎡. That is, a lyophilizer with a load area of 0.12 square meters needs to be selected.

2. Cold trap temperature
A cold trap is a device of benchtop lyophilizer that captures moisture during the freeze-drying process. In theory, the lower the temperature of the cold trap, the stronger the water trapping capacity of the cold trap. The appropriate temperature can be selected according to the lyophilized materials. Freeze dryer -80 series has a cold trap temperature of -80 degrees. Suitable for lyophilization of some special products. (Can also be customized according to customer needs)

3. Cooling rate
The cooling rate reflects the cooling capacity of the refrigeration system. Under no-load conditions, the temperature of the cold trap should reach the minimum temperature specified in the index within 1 hour.

4. Extreme vacuum
The ultimate vacuum degree reflects the leakage of the benchtop manifold freeze dryer and the suction efficiency of the double stage rotary vane vacuum pump. The degree of vacuum of the freeze-drying box. The previous view was that the higher the degree of vacuum, the better. The current view is that the degree of vacuum should be within a reasonable range. The vacuum degree is too high, which is not conducive to heat transfer, but the drying speed is reduced. Generally, the no-load limit the vacuum degree of the freeze-drying box should be above 15Pa.

5. Optional: Without heating function LCD or digital type available.

Technical parameters for benchtop lyophilizer LFD-80EH Series




Freeze-drying area0.18/0.270.09
Cold trap Temperature°C< -80
Vacuum degreePa≤ 5 (no-loading)
Water-capture capabilitykg/24h6
Tray dimensioncmφ24*4/6 layerφ20*3 layer
Total Powerw2100
Dimension (-56°C )cm63×58×(97+46) drying room
Bulk capacity (thickness 10mm)L1.8/2.72/311.2
Vial loading numberpcs







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