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Cooling water circulator has the occasion of energy saving, lack of water source, poor water quality and water pressure, which can prevent the circulating water from scaling and pollution, and effectively protect the normal operation of large precision instruments.


Cooling bath circulator is a cryogenic liquid circulating equipment with mechanical refrigeration. With the temperature of the liquid inside cryostat cooled by the inner chiller and then transmitted to the connection device, a cooling water circulator will help cool down the temperature of the rotating evaporator, glass reactor vessel, molecular distillation, or other heated components.

cooling bath circulator

Cooling bath circulator is the necessary equipment for laboratories of chemical, food, and metallurgical industry, colleges and universities, scientific research, genetic engineering, polymer engineering, and so on, which is especially suitable for chemical, biological and physical laboratories that need to work at low or normal temperature.
The cooling bath circulator pump has constant current and pressure, which can meet the cooling needs of precious instruments such as electron microscope, electron probe, ultra-high vacuum sputter, X-ray machine, laser, accelerator, and so on. Cooling bath circulator of requested temperature and water purity for high-purity metal, rare material purification, environmental experiments, magnetron sputtering, vacuum coating, is also available at Hawach.

Main features of cooling bath circulator

1. Cooling water circulator with imported fully closed compressor unit and circulation pump made by the international famous factory, which has advanced performance and reliable quality.
2. Imported precision components, like special relays, protectors, capacitors, and refrigerating parts, are adopted in the refrigerating unit.
3. Microcomputer temperature control panel combined with temperature display on cooling circulator for sale, which is simple to operate and eye-catching.
4. The circulation system of the cooling bath circulator adopts anti-corrosion materials, which have anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and anti-pollution function from the cryogenic liquid.
5.  All models of cooling water circulators are available at Hawach with different temperature range, container volume according to the user’s requirement.
6. Magnetic stirring and heating function is optional in the Hawach cooling circulator for sale.
7. Cooling water circulator vacuum pump is a combination of a cooling bath circulator and a vacuum pump, which is 2-1 products convenient to use.

Parameter of cooling water circulator

Cooling water circulator for 1-5L evaporators

Item #HWCC2-5L-10HWCC1-5L-10HWCC2-5L-20HWCC1-5L-20
Suporting Volume1-5L
Temp. Range-10°C to RT.-20°C to RT.
Refrigerating Capacity290-1213W450W-1040W319-1248W550W-1240W
Rate of Flow35L/MIN20L/min35L/MIN20L/min
Temp. Precision±2°C±0.1°C±2°C±0.1°C

Cooling water circulator for 10-30L evaporators

Item #HWCC2-10L-10HWCC2-10L-20HWCC2-20L-20HWCC2-30L-20HWCC2-30L-30
Suporting Volume10L20L30L
Temp. Range-10°C to RT.-20°C to RT.-30°C to RT.
Refrigerating Capacity820-1825W780-2100W950-3126W1150-3780W1200-3960W
Rate of Flow35L/MIN
Temp. Precision2°C

Cooling water circulator for 50-100L evaporators

Item #HWCC2-50L-10HWCC2-50L-20HWCC2-100L-20HWCC2-100L-30
Suporting Volume50L100L
Temp. Range-10°C to RT.-20°C to RT.-30°C to RT.
Refrigerating Capacity450-5120W2170-8520W2821-11245W3012-11380W
Rate of Flow70L/MIN
Temp. Precision2°C

Cooling bath circulator for bigger size (200L, 300L), or other sizes (40L, 80L, 150L), with different temperature range (Lowest -25°C, -30°C, -35°C, -40°C, -60°C, -80°C and -120°C) are also available per your request. Magnetic stirring function with the highest temperature 98℃ also available to quote.

Cooling water circulator with vacuum pump

Item #HWCCVP2-20L-20HWCCVP2-20L-20
Suporting Volume10-20L10-30L
Temp. Range-20°C to RT.-30°C to RT.
Refrigerating Capacity800W1500W
Temp. Precision2
Qty of Extractor2
Vacuum Degree0.098MPA
Extraction 2*10L3*10L
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