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Corrosion-Resistant Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

Teflon treated Air chamber and air road enable diaphragm pump with perfect anti-corrosion ability. The corrosion-resistant vacuum pump has strong resistance to chemical corrosion resistance and organic solvent properties.



Corrosion-resistant diaphragm vacuum pump is actually an embolization pump, who separates the live column from the pump cylinder with a thin film to protect them. The left side of the diaphragm in contact with liquid is made of corrosion-resistant material or coated with a layer of corrosion-resistant material. And the right side filled with water or oil.

Driven by the motor, the vacuum pump for rotary evaporator inhale the air to pump cylinder from the evaporator and cause the thin film to move to the right side, with a live column moving up. When the live column moves downward, the thin film moves to the left side and discharges the air.

During the process, the air in the evaporation device will be discharged by corrosion-resistant vacuum pump to a very small volume, and cause a vacuumed condition inside the diaphragm vacuum pump.

Features of vacuum pump for rotary evaporator

* Vacuum pump for rotary evaporator with a higher vacuum degree than other diaphragm vacuum pumps.
* Made of imported bearing, which assured smooth operation and low noise.
* Aerospace class diaphragm makes super high durability.
* The vacuum pump for a rotary evaporator is made of an imported electrical power system with an automatic cooling exhaust system, which ensures good motor performance and continuous operation.
* Diaphragm vacuum pump stable operation and reliable performance.
* Low noise and vibration.
* Overheat protection.

Application of corrosion-resistant vacuum pump

The diaphragm vacuum pump is widely used in vacuum filtration, rotary evaporation, freeze-drying, vacuum concentration, molecular distillation, and other research experiments. The vacuum pump for rotary evaporator is a good partner for rotating evaporator and pyrex glass reactor.

Product parameter for diaphragm vacuum pump

Item #DP1-20DP2-40DP2-56
Supporting Volume(L)1-5L1-20L20-50L
Rotary Speed1450RMP/MIN1390RMP/MIN
Rate of Flow20L/MIN40L/MIN56L/MIN
Vacuum Degree800PA700KPA(0.7MPA)
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