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Customized Glass Reactor (Over 200L; Single or Triple Layer)

Motor and controller can be changed to authorized explosion-proof type by glass reactor manufacturer in flammable-containing circumstances. The digital panel of the controller can be changed to an LCD panel for a better experience.


As a professional glass reactor manufacturer, Hawach provides flexible customizing options, and even develop new products with you, and offer you with competitive glass reactor price.

Competitive glass reactor price is available upon your request, larger than the volume of 200l jacketed glass reactor, such as large 200L jacketed glass reactor, 300L glass reactor, and customized glass reactor.

Customized Glass Reactor

Customizing is available on all components of our glass reactors, which can be listed as follows for your reference:
1. If a 200L jacketed glass reactor cannot meet your production requirement, a 300L glass reactor or a bigger size is also available according to your requirement.
2. The coil inside the condenser of a 200L jacketed glass reactor can be changed from glass to stainless steel to achieve higher condensing speed, with Hawach’s capability as a professional glass reactor manufacturer.
3. Mouths qty and diameter on covers can also be changed with variation of glass reactor price.
4. Stirring paddle of all kinds-anchor, frame, paddle, impeller and more for you to choose with different glass reactor prices.
5. The discharging mouth can be changed to T-shape filtration mouth upon your request in a higher glass reactor price.
6. The bottom of the 200L jacketed glass reactor can be changed to a separated filtering type, which will achieve a one-time discharge, and makes filtering available, glass reactor price available.
7. The mechanical seal can be updated to the magnetic seal to achieve better sealing if you request a glass reactor manufacturer to change with a higher glass reactor price.
8. Stainless steel shelf can be coated with PTFE or with a bigger diameter or thickness for a corrosive environment.
9. The receiving flask can be changed to a continuous collection type for continuous reacting.
10. Triple layered 300L glass reactor is also available for higher requirement reaction, higher or lowers temperature than glass reactor can stand.
11. The continuous reacting device made by a series of reactors is already developed by a glass reactor manufacturer.
12. Distillation and reflux device, with a long glass tube between kettle and condenser, is a mature design for glass reactor manufacturers.
13. PLC automatic control device, with a time set, without guarding nearby to adjust, is also with competitive reactor price.
14. Complete set of glass reactors of continuous filtering and dripping, all components made by reactors, dripping, filtering in line is also available if you find a professional glass reactor manufacturer like Hawach.
15. Double condenser with reflux device, which improves the condensing rate and keeps high purity of materials in the receiving flask, because the reflux device keeps the entrance and discharge direction away from and will not disturb each other. This is also a new design of glass reactor manufacturer.
16. Spirulina culturing device used for the manufacturing of environmentally-friendly painting has also be produced with the cooperation of customers and glass reactor manufacturers.
17. Filtering reactors are made by several reactors, with receiving flask item react for several times and become purer. This purification device is developed by a professional experienced glass reactor manufacturer.
18. More possibilities still need to be discovered upon your request. As your reliable glass reactor manufacture, we can offer you the best options with a very competitive glass reactor price.

Glass reactor prices may vary a lot, because of the quality of the glass vessel, components setting, design, or sealing way, other added components or functions, which may be different in many ways for glass reactor manufacturers.

For the glass reactor price, please contact our sales department with the following numbers or E-mail. We will be happy to quote the glass reactor price for you. Hawach, the professional glass reactor manufacturer, hopes to develop with you to explore more possibilities and grow together!

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