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Customized Spray Dryer

Vacuum spray dryer: 1.5L/h, heat sensitive materials, 50-130 centigrade,vacuum pump
Organic solvent spray dryer: 0.05-2L/h, heat sensitive materials, 20-300 centigrade, explosion-proof device, glass/stainless steel
Other Spray dryers: Over 150L/h can be customized as your requests.



Vacuum spray dryer

In addition to small spray dryer and centrifugal spray dryer, Hawach also has anhydro spray dryer for you choose. Hawach as a leading spray dryer equipment manufacturer, we also supply other high speed centrifugal spray dryers, include vacuum spray dryer, organic solvent spray dryer, anhydro spray dryer, and other spray dryers, which could especially solve the problem of spray dryer for heat sensitive materials.
spray dryer machine price
Hawach’s spray dryer machine price is really competitive, now we have clients from many countries. In so many spray drying equipment manufacturers, Hawach is special because we always keep our original intention, that is: Providing customers with the most perfect equipment and services.

Under low temperature conditions, the home spray dryer can obtain powder particles with excellent fluidity, and the yield is extremely high.

Key features of anhydro spray dryer:

1. Vacuum spray dryer could bear low spray drying temperature (50-130 centigrade), which solves the problem of spray drying for heat sensitive materials.
2. Anhydro spray dryer has an LCD touch screen with Chinese-English operation panel,
3. Sprayed granule with normal distribution and good mobility, so the noise is low.
4. Two fluid sprayers made from stainless steel precision components with integral design, which make this high speed centrifugal spray dryer easy to use and clean.
5. Real-time PID temperature control with a precision of 1 centigrade.
6. The peristaltic pump adjusts the feeding volume.
7. Automatic needling with speed adjustable, which ensures the efficiency and continuity of the experiment.
8. Compact design in the vacuum spray dryer, easy to use, and move.
9. Nozzle: 0.5mm, 0.7mm,1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm optional.
10. The peripherals of the home spray dryer only need to be plugged in. The equipment is exquisite, beautiful, and easy to move.
11. spray dryer machine price is more competitive.

Parameter of high speed centrifugal spray dryer

Model #VASD-1500SS
Inlet Temp. control50-500 Centigrade
Temp. Control precision+/-1 Centigrade
Power6KW, 380V, 50HZ
Vacuum degree-0.05-0.06MPA

Application of home spray dryer:

Vacuum spray dryer is applicable for some heat sensitive materials such as:
Chinese herbal medicine, natural product extracts, and fruit juices, biological products, natural product extracts of traditional Chinese medicine with high sugar content, heat-resistant polymer materials, materials vaporized by heat, various inorganic materials, etc.

Organic solvent spray dryer

Key features:

1. Organic solvent spray dryer(enclosed spray dryer) is specially designed for the spray drying of organic solvent, with closed design and explosion-proof device(most organic solvent has explosive property), which provide a safe environment for the spray drying of organic solvent and preventing the organic solvent gas from reacting with the outer oxygen.
2..The anhydro spray dryer can solve the problem that the materials easy to oxidize are difficult to dry in the raw material production. This technology uses the antioxidant property of the inert gas. The materials are dried and transported in the closed-circuit circulation system in the antioxidant environment.
3. The high speed centrifugal spray dryer can solve the problem of some raw material to produce toxic gas pollution.
4. PLC all automatic control system, with one button switch on, color touch screen to adjust the feeding speed, inlet temperature, fan volume, and needle speed.
5. The key component of the organic solvent spray dryer, such as the touch screen, fan, heater, and controller are imported, it ensures the reliability and stability of the equipment.
6. The organic solvent spray dryer is convenient for material preparation: Small(20-30ml) to large quantities(2000ml/H) of materials can be processed very quickly.
7. Concentric spray head free from decentration, and the sprayed material will not adhere to the inner wall of the drying room, so the drying efficiency is improved.
8. Electronic fan made of anti-corrosive material, and blow in the same direction with the drying material, so it will not be polluted by the drying material or other corrosive gas.

Parameter of organic solvent spray dryer

Inlet Temp250 centigrade
Outlet Temp60 centigrade
Temp control precision+/-1 centigrade
Power380V, 50-60Hz
Ex-proof fan0-330M/H
Heat protectionyes
Condenser2 roads
Drying gasN2(organic solvent) or compressed air

Application of Organic solvent spray dryer:

Organic solvent spray dryer is applicabale for some heat sensitive materials such as :
Aqueous, most organic solutions, biological products, biological pesticides, enzymes, Oxidizable material, etc

Other Spray dryer
Besides, Hawach as an excellent spray dryer manufacturer, we could also customize the spray dryer as your requests.

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