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Explosion Proof Jacked Glass Reactor-Volume: 80L-200L

Transparent kettle of 100 liter glass reactor makes observation of reactions visible and controllable. Big reactors like 100 liter glass reactor, provide bigger space for stirring and evaporating, and with more stability, which will accelerate the reacting process.


Jacketed glass reactor, generally known as glass reactor or glass reactor vessel, because the double-layered design makes the whole glass reactor vessel range unique and popular.

Single layered 100 liter glass reactor will need extra heating or cooling device assembled outside the vessel, in which the reacting media can easily be affected by the outer environment and decrease the reacting speed, and unsafe as well.

If the reacting matter requires a 100L glass reactor at a higher or lower temperature than the glass limit, we can use a triple-layered 100 liter glass reactor vessel as an option, with the 3rd layer producing a vacuumed condition.
100l glass reactor
Inner kettle with reacting materials, and jacketed space with reacting media heated or cooled at a certain degree, so the inner reacting materials can be evaporated and condensed, then collected into the receiving flask of 100L glass reactor. In a way, certain materials were separated from the original reacting materials with 100 liter glass reactor.

If medium-sized glass chemical reactor cannot meet your production requirement, our big sized jacketed glass reactor vessel with volume of 80L, 100L, 150L, and 200L will be your better choice. 100L glass reactor will be your cost-effective option if you want a similar size or 2*50L.

For big evaporation in the glass reactor vessel, it is more convenient to put all in 1 vessel, like 100L glass reactor, which is a cost-effective, convenient, and all-in-one reactor, you can just focus on 1 equipment, rather than observe several times now and then.

Stainless steel kettle shelf of a 100L glass reactor supports the glass reactor vessel well in normal circumstances, which is anti-corrosion and stable. The lockable caster of the glass reactor vessel makes the moving and stopping available when needed.

6 months on the kettle cover of 100 liter glass reactor are scientifically designed to suit different connected component.

Feeding mouth with pressured stainless steel and steel cover;
The stirring paddle was fixed by the mechanical sealer closely to the stirring mouth;
The temperature sensor was closely sealed against the mouth by flange and PTFE
The dropping bottle is connected to the kettle through good-sealing flange;
The condenser was assembled right up the kettle through flange connection;
PTFE valve combined with flange, makes releasing of gas easily, without disturbing the reacting process.

The transparent and smooth kettle body of 100 liter glass reactor ensures thoroughly stir, clear sight, and completely clean, which also makes the whole kettle durable. Matched motor of reliable famous brand and stable variable frequency controller in 100L glass reactor, fixed by advanced mechanical sealing, drive the stirring paddle mix evenly and completely.

Precise PT100 temperature sensor and high-quality gauge in jacketed glass reactor vessel provide exact data for timely adjustment, without wasting time to doubt or repair after broken.

Apart from our standard sized glass reaction vessel, all customized requirement for all components is available.

Item #HWGR-80HWGR-100HWGR-150HWGR-200
Neck qty on Cover6
Inner Diameter(cm)41465560
External diameter(cm)46506065
Rotation Speed (rmp/min)50-600
Motor power(W)250400750
Vacuum degree(MPa)0.098
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