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Heating Cooling Circulator

Special designed circulation pump and wavy plate heat exchanger in heating and cooling circulating baths, which can provide the biggest flow rate with minimal pressure and heat. So the heat exchange efficiency is high and the energy consumption of cooling heating circulators for sale is very small.


Cooling heating circulator for sale

Heating and Cooling BathsThe liquid circulation of the whole system for the cooling-heating circulator for sale is airtight/sealed. Include the function of cooling water circulator and heating circulator. The expansion tank and the liquid circulation tank is adiabatic so that the heating and cooling circulating baths will convert the high temperature of liquid circulation directly into refrigeration or cooling mode.

Featurs of Heating and Cooling Circulating Baths

1. Cooling heating circulator for sale is with wide working temperature: lowest up to -105°C, highest up to 300°C. (Needs to be quoted individually).
2. The airtight/sealed design of the liquid circulation system prevents tanks from vapor and mist, which prolongs the service life of conduction oil, energy-saving, and cost-saving.
3. PLC control panel is adopted in the heating and cooling circulating baths, which is easy to operate.
4. Heating and cooling circulating baths are of a precise PID intelligent temperature control system.
5. Small space and large density of inner circulator, which consumes less conduction oil and fast speed of temperature increasing and decreasing.

Here we list the parameter of the most popular heating and cooling circulator as follows.

Heating And Cooling Circulator Supporting 1-20L Device

Item # HLTC2-5L-20 HLTC1-10L-20 HLTC1-10L-35 HLTC1-20L-20 HLTC1-20L-30
Supporting Volume(L) 5L 10L 20L
Temp. Range -20-200°C -20-200°C -35-200°C -20-200°C -30-200°C
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Temp. Precision ± 0.5°C ± 1°C
Heatting bath Volume(L) 4L 3.2L 5L
Rate of Flow 42L/MIN 20L/MIN 42L/MIN
Lift 28M 20M 28M
Refrigerating Capacity 1500-5200W 820-2140W 1020-2588W 980-3163W 1061-3277W
Circulation Power 0.12KW 0.37W
Heating Power 4KW 5KW
Input Power 6.9KW 6.9KW 7.2KW
Size 36*55*72CM 54*44*88CM 63*55*110CM

Heating Cooling Circulator Supporting 30-100L Device

Item # HLTC1-30L-20 HLTC1-30L-30 HLTC1-50L-20 HLTC1-50L-35 HLTC1-100L-20
Supporting Volume(L) 30L 50L 100L
Temp. Range -20-200°C -30-200°C -20-200°C -35-200°C -20-200°C
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Temp. Precision ± 1°C
Volume(L) 5L 7L
Rate of Flow 42L/MIN
Lift 28M
Refrigerating Capacity 1200-3960W 3746-7803W 5341-11156W 7351-17743W 6966-18638W
Circulation Power 0.37W
Heating Power 7.5KW 15KW
Input Power 9.6KW 10.2KW 10.2KW 12KW 11.8KW
Size 63*55*110CM 72*65*115CM

If you need cooling heating circulator for sale to support 200L or 300L device, or lower cooling temperature (-40°C,-60°C,-80°C,-90°C,-105°C), or higher heating temperature(-300°C), please feel free to contact Hawach for more details.

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