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Jacketed Glass Reactor-Volume: 10L-50L

The unique double-layered design of a 20L glass reactor makes the reaction between 2 different liquid materials in separate spaces possible. The whole reaction happens in a well-sealed environment formed by pyrex glass reactor, which will not disturb and disturbed by outer environment, in a way that keeps the outer environment clean, safe and ensure the reacting efficiency as well.


Inject reacting solvent into the jacketed layer and reacting substance into the reacting kettle of pyrex glass reactor, start the motor and high-low temperature circulating machine, and your experiment in glass chemical reactors have begun.

The reacting matter stirred by the strong mixing paddle is heated/cooled very fast through the heat or cool transported from the jacketed layer of 50L glass reactor to its evaporation point in the high vacuum environment, and then goes to the effective condenser to cool up and drop into the receiving flask.
glass chemical reactor
After the reaction, the remaining materials can be easily released from the bottom PTFE valve because of the zero dead design smooth inwall and movable durable valve in a pyrex glass reactor.

Reacting solvent of all temperatures (heated or cooled media) can be put into the jacketed layer of borosilicate glass reactor, as long as it provides the temperature the reacting materials can react, and also within the 50L glass reactor’s stand limit.

The use of high borosilicate glass in a 20L glass reactor enables it to stand the high temperature and high (negative) pressure, which allows high-temperature reaction and still durable. The transparency of high borosilicate glass in a 50L glass reactor allows us to observe the whole reaction clearly, so we can adjust accordingly to the perfect condition.

The glass chemical reactor is supported by high quality 304 stainless steel, equipped with lockable casters, which is easy to move and fix. PTFE coating of a 50L glass reactor is optional for the corrosive environment, so the shelf life for glass chemical reactors can be prolonged.

Driven by a famous brand-authorized motor, the PTFE-coating stainless steel stirring paddle of borosilicate glass reactor can mix completely the dense material inside the kettle, and bring the evaporated up into the condenser-near area for cooling. If your material is too dense, you can try the diluent, so the reaction will be more efficient in a pyrex glass reactor.

Mechanical sealing made of a ceramic static ring, graphite seal head, and ceramic bearing, is used in glass chemical reactor to ensure good sealing on the paddle mouth. For more steady stirring, you can change to stainless steel or aluminum alloy coupling. The feeding mouth of a 20L glass reactor is sealed with solid press cover made of 304 stainless steel and PTFE. Other connections are all sealed with flange and PTFE valve. All these details make the pyrex glass reactor hermetic and safe for efficiency reaction, and easy to disassemble as well.

Pt100 thermometer of glass chemical reactor is coated with PTFE, which can dip into the material and feedback with precise temperature data for timely reaction adjustment. The continuous receiving flask is available for continuous reaction in a 50L glass reactor, so you do not need to change the flask for the continuous reaction. Vacuum gauge of 20L glass reactor with stainless shell and good sealing inside with oil, which provides a long-term reliable reference for components adjustment.

The difference from jacketed glass reactors, medium sized borosilicate glass reactor are widely used in the experiment or medium production, especially 20L and 50L glass chemical reactors. Explosion-proof, PTFE coating, longer flux tube, filtering separable bottom, stainless steel flange, lifting and rotate, vacuum layer, all these can be added to your 50L glass reactor design, which can give you more ideas for customized glass chemical reactor.

Item #HWGR-10HWGR-20HWGR-30HWGR-50
Neck qty on Cover6
Inner Diameter(cm)23293336.5
External diameter(cm)293336.541
Rotation Speed (rmp/min)50-600
Motor power(W)140
Vacuum degree(MPa)0.098
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