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Jacketed Glass Reactor-Volume: 1L-5L

Hawach’s 1L, 2L, 3L and 5L jacketed glass reactors of table size are Pyrex reactors made of high borosilicate glass can resist high-temp.
All glass reactors with authorized electronic components like motor and controller, which is safe, efficient, stable and reliable.


jacketed glass reactor
Hawach is a reliable glass reactor manufacturer who can provide you with glass reactors of all sizes, designs for your unique requirement. With our professional technician and experienced glassblower, we can develop ideal products according to your precise requirements.

The size of jacketed glass reactors can vary from 1L to 300L according to your different requirements. Hawach table size jacketed glass reactor can be used to react, stir, mix, evaporate, and concentrate in many laboratory experiments.

Instead of kettle rotating to stir up materials in rotary evaporators, paddle stirring in pyrex reactors is bigger, safer, faster, with more temperature options and discharge convenience. The reacting environment for jacketed glass reactors is well-sealed, which keeps the purity of materials as well.

Same as glass chemical reactor, all glass reactors can meet your general requirement of reacting materials in a vacuumed heating/cooling environment(with temperature and vacuum degree adjustable) made up with High Borosilicate Glass kettle, in which the materials can be mixed and reacting thoroughly by the stirring paddle and evaporate quickly into the condenser, becoming liquid collected into the receiving flask. Reacted materials left can be discharged through the bottom discharge valve(filtration bottom is also available).

Neck qty on Cover45
Inner Diameter(cm)11.313.51518
External diameter(cm)15182023
Rotation Speed (rmp/min)50-140050-600
Motor power(W)4060
Vacuum degree(MPa)0.098

Well-sealed all glass reactors of the mechanical sealing system with a durable PTFE valve keeps the glass reactor well sealed with high vacuum.

Double-layered glass reactors with a tick mark on the inner kettle have a precise temperature that can not be affected by the jacketed glass layer. The integral upright design saves space and easy to assemble. Steel retaining plate or lockable casters made by PU makes the moving more smooth and steady.
pyrex reactor
The stainless PTFE coating paddle on the jacketed glass reactor is strong enough to stir dense materials in pyrex reactors.
Constant voltage funnel ensures constant feeding of materials for constant reaction.

PTFE valve in the bottom and the unique no dead angle design inside jacketed glass makes the discharge clearly and thoroughly.

All glass reactor made of transparent high borosilicate glass makes the whole reacting process visible, providing a reference for any adjustment. With it’s a small size, the table sized all glass reactors are easy to assemble and disassemble, clean and transport, having faster stirring speed to accelerate the reacting process, which is ideal for pre-production adjustment and small scale experiment.

As a professional glass reactor manufacturer, Hawach offer update options as follows:

* Stainless steel or an aluminum alloy made coupling for dense materials;
* Bottom filter for filtration of liquid and solid;
* Explosive motor for Flammable, explosive, and volatile containing materials.
* PTFE coating is available for a corrosive environment.
* Continuous collection device.
* Lifting and rotary function available.
* Flux and continuous reacting devices.
* Other customized update options for jacketed glass reactors to be continued…

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