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Spiral Vacuum Pump

Spiral vacuum pumps, as a very important part of rotary evaporator kit, can be used with the distiller, freeze-dryer, centrifugal concentrator, glove box, vacuum oven, tube furnace, pre-stage pump of the molecular pump, vacuum coating, and other instruments which requires high vacuum degree up to 2mbar.



The spiral pump is an excellent replacement for the double stage rotary vane vacuum pump because it’s a high vacuum degree, oil-free operation, and vacuum controllable function. The spiral rotavapor vacuum pump can be used with rotavapor r300 to achieve a high vacuumed rotary evaporator experiment. Rotary evaporator kit is often used with rotary vacuum distiller.

Features of rotary evaporator kit

1. The dry operation, high vacuum up to 0.1mbar (10Pa).
2. Rotavapor vacuum pump has large pumping capacity, no gas leakage pump body.
3. Low noise, low vibration rotary evaporator kit.
4. Simple and compact structure, smooth operation.
5. Small size, convenient maintenance, low maintenance cost with affordable price.
6. Spheroidal graphite cast iron is sprayed with PTFE anti-corrosion coating, PEEK material, and 304 stainless steel connectors, which makes the spiral rotavapor vacuum pump a practical and durable, anti-corrosion rotary evaporator kit.
7. Digital display Pillar’s type of vacuum gauge gives precise vacuum degree reference.
8. A manual vacuum degree adjuster can be used to adjust the appropriate vacuum degree of the evaporation devices.

Advantages of rotavapor vacuum pump

The two screws are calibrated by fine dynamic balance, supported by bearings, and installed in the pump casing. There is a certain gap between the screw and the screw, so when the rotavapor vacuum pump is working, there is no friction between each other, smooth operation, low noise, and no lubrication in the working chamber. Therefore, the rotavapor vacuum pump can remove the gas containing a large amount of water vapor and a small amount of dust. The ultimate vacuum degree is higher, the power consumption is lower, and it has the advantages of energy-saving and minimal maintenance.

Rotavapor r300 is widely used because of its wide pumping speed range, long life, low energy consumption, and no oil pollution.

Technical parameters of rotavapor r300

CatagorySpiral Vacuum Pump
Item #SVP1-48
Supporting Volume(L)1-50L rotavapor r300
Rate of Flow48L/MIN
Vacuum Degree10PA
Voltage220V, 50HZ
RemarksHigh vacuum; oil free, little noise
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