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Table Type Vacuum Drying Oven

Type: Table type
Volume(L): 25
Temp. Range(°C): RT+50-200°C
Temp. Precise: ±0.5°C
Vacuum Degree: <133pa
Liner Material: 201 stainless steel
Inner size(mm) LWH: 300*300*275
Outer size(mm) LWH: 420*595*460



Hawach Scientific is a professional vacuum drying oven manufacturer. Our vacuum drying oven is mainly a lab drying oven which can dry materials under the condition of negative pressure. In fact, it is a small lab oven and needs to be used together with a single stage rotary vane vacuum pump to exhaust the air in the working room. And forms a vacuum state in the working room to reduce the boiling point of water.

U-shaped upper and lower double heating tubes, heated on all sides can accelerate the drying speed. Our lab drying oven is mainly used to dry some heat-sensitive, flammable, and easily oxidized substances. Also, vacuum drying oven prices are more competitive. At present, our vacuum drying oven is mainly based on the digital display screen. The material of the liner is galvanized plate and stainless steel for customers to choose from.

Advantage of lab drying oven

1. The vacuum environment greatly reduces the boiling point of the liquid that needs to be expelled, so the vacuum dryer can be applied to heat-sensitive substances.
2. Can dry powders, granular and other non-drying samples, and effectively shorten the drying time.
3. When using lab drying oven drying powder samples, the sample is not blown or moved by flowing air.
4. Eliminates the possibility of thermal explosion of oxides under vacuum, Safer, and more reliable to use.
5. Vacuum drying oven price is more reasonable.
6. Different from vertical oven for drying, table type small lab oven is more convenient to use.

lab drying oven

Optional accessories of small lab oven

1. galvanized plate liner
2. 201 stainless steel liner

Main features of drying oven manufacturers

1. The shell is made of high quality steel plate, surface with safe electrostatic coating.
2. The inner chamber made of the galvanized plate or 201 stainless steel, gives you more options.
3. Partition made of aluminum, which is quick to conduct heat.
4. Inner chamber semicircular arcs at the corner for easy cleaning.
5. Microcomputer temperature control system with PT100 thermo detector, ensures
concise temperature control, timing, and over-temperature alarm function.
6. The small lab oven with dual screen high brightness digital tube display, easy to notice, and adjust timely.
7. The door and cabinet are sealed with silicone sealing ring to ensure the vacuum degree in the working room
8. The studio is a rectangular structure, the effective area is large.
9. The unique double glass door is designed not only to ensure the sealing but also be easy to observe the samples in the working room through the glass window.
10. Inert gas can be injected into the drying room, which forms a vacuumed or inert condition preventing the drying material and drying oven from oxidation during storage, heating, drying or experiment.
vacuum drying oven manufacturers

Application of vacuum drying oven manufacturers

Widely used in electronic chemistry, agricultural research, environmental protection, and other research fields.

Precautions for using a vacuum drying oven

As the vacuum drying oven manufacturer, we need to share some tips with our customers:
When using the vacuum drying oven, you need to extract the air in the working room first and then heat the sample. In order to avoid the explosion caused by the heating of the sample. When the vacuum pump is not used, close the vacuum valve and then close the valve of the vacuum pump to avoid the oil of the vacuum pump Backfill into the vacuum drying oven, affecting the drying effect.

Technical parameters

Hawach Item #DOV-25-T-DDOV-53-T-DDOV-25S-T-DDOV-53S-T-DDOV-91S-T-DDOV-215S-T-D
Temp. range(°C)RT+50-200°C
Vacuum Degree<133pa
DisplayDigital display
Liner Materialgalvanized plate201 stainless steel
Inner size(mm) LWH300*300*275370*415*345300*300*275370*415*345450*450*450600*650*550
Outer size(mm) LWH420*595*460510*720*535420*595*460510*720*535570*790*640720*940*970
Weight KG5075507595230
Carton Packed Size(M3)
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