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Vacuum Controller For Rotary Evaporator

The vacuum control system of the rotary evaporator is usually constructed together with rotovap pump for sale, which helps the recovery of low point materials like methylene chloride, benzene, trichloroethane, and ethanol.



Rotovap pump for sale

Vacuum controller for rotary evaporator is used to display, adjust, and control the vacuum degree of the vacuum system, like solvent vat rotary evaporator in the laboratory.
If the vacuum degree is unappropriated, the reagent will suddenly boil and burst. By using Hawach solventvap rotary evaporator, a suitable vacuum degree can be obtained inside the rotary evaporator.
Improves the collection rate of volatile material; achieves stepwise control of vacuum degree and stepwise extraction of reagent during vacuum distillation of synthetic experiment chromatography. Rotovap pump for sale is often used with rotary evaporator apparatus and glass reactor vessel.

Features of vacuum controller for rotary evaporator

1. All critical components (anticorrosion durable pressure sensor, electromagnetic valve, and tubes) of the vacuum controller for rotary evaporators are imported, which assures the high control precision, anti-corrosion, and good durability of vacuum controller for the rotary evaporator.
2. Precise vacuum control can be achieved by setting the suitable vacuum degree on the LCD touch screen according to the vacuum degree detected from the connected solvent vat rotary evaporator.
3. Inert gas replenishment can be carried out according to requirements so that the test material is free from oxidation and pollution.
4. Rotovap pump for sale to support most rotary evaporators brands.

Parameter of solventvap rotary evaporator

Catagory Vacuum Controller For Rotary Evaporator
Item # HWVC1-3000
Supporting Volume(L) 1-10L solventvap rotary evaporator
Function 1. Turn on and turn off the vacuum pump;
2. Release vacuum with one button;
3. The vacuum degree can be controlled step by step through program control in the synthetic experiment and decompression distillation.
Display LCD touch screen displaying the current pressure and the set pressure
Control Range 1~760mmHg, 1~1000hPa(mbar) (constant control)
Control Method Automatically control the vacuum degree according to the figure set.
Control Precision 1~10mbar
Interface Diameter Ф8mm
Working Temperature 5-35°C
Voltage 220V/110V
Size 18*18.5*13cm
Remarks Can be combined with the vacuum pump

Vacuum controller for rotary evaporator and rotavapor vacuum pump can be combined together to 2-1 vacuum pump and vacuum controller instrument. The rotovap pump for sale is with the following details:

Item # DP1-20
Supporting Volume(L) 1-5L solventvap rotary evaporator
Power  120W
Voltage 110V/220V,50Hz
Rotary Speed 1450RMP/MIN
Rate of Flow 20L/MIN
Vacuum Degree 800PA
Pump double
N/W 9.4KG
Size 31.5*16.5*21CM
Pressure 1bar
Working Temp. 5-40
Pump double
Anti-Corrosion Can resist strong acid and alkali; with contact material made of PTFE
Interface Φ10mm
Noise <70db
Display LCD display
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