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Vertical Type Electronic Blast Drying Oven

Blast Drying Oven Volume(L): 45
Temp. Range(°C): RT+50-250°C
Temp. Precise: ±0.5°C
Display: LCD
Inner Case Material: 304 stainless steel
Inner size(mm) LWH:350*360*360
Outer size(mm) LWH:530*490*700



Vertical type hot air circulation drying oven is an oven for drying samples. The heating device locates at the bottom of the liner, with heat coming from the bottom and heat over the whole cabinet. Vertical heating is more efficient than the table type forced convection drying oven, compared with the same size drying oven.

standard Vertical Type drying ovenThe biggest difference between standard vertical commercial drying oven and industrial vertical commercial drying oven is the volume of dryable samples. The industrial vertical drying oven can dry samples with a larger capacity than the standard vertical drying oven. If you need to dry items with a capacity greater than 250L, you can choose a vertical industrial drying oven. Otherwise, you can choose the standard vertical type.

Although the standard vertical and industrial verticals are vertical electric blast drying oven, they have different heating pipes and fans. Standard vertical heating tubes and fans are on the bottom. Industrial vertical three-sided heating (two heating pipes on the left, right and rear sides), and one fan at the bottom and one fan at the top to ensure uniform temperature.

Regarding the liner material, the standard vertical type hot air circulation drying oven only has two series: 201 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel, which has strong anti-corrosion and acid and alkali resistance. If you want to choose the digital display one, you can choose the 201 stainless steel vertical type hot air circulation drying oven. Industrial vertical hot air circulation drying oven has three series: galvanized plate, 201 stainless steel, and 304 stainless steel, under the premise of being able to dry large-capacity items, it can meet customer needs for different liner materials.
China Vertical Type Electronic Blast Drying Oven

Main features of oven for drying

1. Both standard vertical blast drying oven and vertical industrial drying oven has the intelligent digital display PID temperature controller, with PT100 thermometer, make the temperature control more precise.
2. Standard vertical and industrial vertical, give you more options.
3. The vertical blast drying oven has double air ducts, and the circulation fan ensures the uniformity of the temperature in the working room.hot-air-circulation-drying-oven
4. Volume over 252L is an industrial drying oven, which has high safety setting of timing,
timing alarm, over-temperature alarm, over-temperature power off, current indicator, and temperature correction function.
5. The vertical industrial drying oven door is double-opening, and the large tempered glass observation window can easily observe the situation in the working room.

Precautions for use of standard vertical type hot air circulation drying oven

When using blast drying oven for drying samples, please do not place too many items on the partition, otherwise, it will easily cause the studio to be crowded, which is not conducive to the ventilation and drying of the items. Because there is a heating tube at the bottom of the standard vertical blast drying oven, the humidity of the samples to be dried in the working room should not be too high, otherwise dripping may occur, resulting in hidden safety hazards.

Technical parameters of industrial drying oven

1.Standard vertical type electronic blast drying oven-galvanized plate and201 stainless steel

Hawach Item #DOA-20S/SS-V-DDOA-44S/SS-V-DDOA-72S/SS-V-DDOA-124S/SS-V-DDOA-210S/SS-V-D
Temp. range(°C)50-250°C
Temp. precise±0.5°C
Inner Case Material201 stainless steel/304 stainless steel
Inner size(mm) LWH260*280*280350*360*350400*400*450450*500*550500*600*700
Outer size(mm) LWH440*415*585530*490*700570*535*800630*630*900680*730*1050
Weight KG2837466990
Carton Packed Size(m3)

2.Industrial vertical Electronic blast drying oven

Hawach Item #DOA-252/S/SS-V-DDOA-640/S/SS-V-DDOA-1200/S/SS-V-D
Temp. range(°C)50-250°C
Temp. precise±0.5°C
Inner Case MaterialGalvanized plate/201 stainless steel/304 stainless steel
Inner size(mm) LWH600*600*700800*800*10001000*1000*1200
Outer size(mm) LWH830*750*1110960*1000*14601200*1235*1460
Weight KG90230300
Carton Packed Size(m3)0.71.953.9
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