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Water Circulation Vacuum Pump

Water circulation vacuum pump provides vacuum conditions for evaporation, distillation, crystallization, drying, sublimation, filtration, and decompression, degassing and other reaction processes. Considering the small spaces of labs, Water Circulation Vacuum Pump is made with reduced size and one-shot forming.



rotovap pump

Water circulation vacuum pump takes circulating water as the working fluid and uses the fluid jet to produce the negative pressure to eject the vacuum pump. It is especially suitable for the laboratory and small test of chemical, pharmaceutical, biochemical, food, pesticide, agricultural engineering, biological engineering and other industries in colleges and universities, scientific research institutes.

Features of rotary evaporator pump

Apart from features of small size, lightweight and beautiful appearance, water circulation vacuum pump is also upgraded with anti-corrosion performance, longer service life, better reliability, free pollution and low noise.
To suit different requirements of customers, water circulation vacuum pump has a 2-vacuum gauge-2-tap and 4-vacuum gauge-4-tap, which can be used on 1-5L evaporation devices.

For devices with big evaporator volume, you may choose rotovap pumps like multi-usage circulating water pump with 3-vacuum gauge-3-tap, 5-vacuum gauge-5-tap or 10-vacuum gauge-10-tap; or double stage rotary vane vacuum pump, vacuum pump for rotary evaporator, rotary evaporator kit or even molecular vacuum pump with higher vacuum degree.

Parameter of rotovap pump

Paramater for water circulation vacuum pump supporting 5L equipments:

Item # SHZ2-5L SHZ2-5L-S SHZ2-5L-ST SHZ2-5L-SS
Material Plastic pump case and shell Stainless steel pump case and plastic shell Stainless steel pump case and transparent shell Stainless steel pump and shell
Supporting Volume(L) 1-5L rotovap pump
Power 180W
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Rate of Flow 60L/min
Lift 8M
Vacuum Degree 0.098MPA
Unit Extraction 10L/min
Qty Of Air Exhaustor 2
Water Tank 15L 13L
N/W 15KG 14KG
Size 40*28*42cm 33*27*39cm

Paramater for water circulation vacuum pump supporting10-100L equipments:

Item # SHZ2-10L-4 SHZ2-10L-3 SHZ2-20L SHZ2-20L-SS SHZ2-100L-10SS
Material Anti-corrosion Pump Stainless Steel shell
Supporting Volume(L)


rotary evaporator pump

10-20L rotary evaporator pump 50-100L
Power 370W 370W*2
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Rate of Flow 60L/min 80L/min 80L/min*2
Lift 12M
Vacuum Degree 0.098MPA
Unit Extraction 10L/min
Qty Of Air Exhaustor 4 3 5 10
Water Tank 15L 50L 60L
N/W 17KG 37KG 35KG 37KG 47KG
Size 40*28*42cm 44*34*83cm 45*34*84cm 44*34*86cm 54*35*87cm

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