Rotary Evaporator System

Hawach rotary evaporator is popular in many chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, and college laboratories because of its high evaporation efficiency, high automation, easy operation, extensive application, and safety. Hawach has a quality rotary evaporator system, which can be used for mixing different fluids, drying of powder, evaporation, distillation, reflux, separation, and crystalization. Both water and oil bath rotary are available for sale at Hawach. The maximum rotary speed of the rotary evaporator can vary from 90-310rmp/min per your requirement. The rotary evaporator of different sizes and automation degree for sale at Hawach.

Jacketed Glass Reactor For Sale

Glass reactor is symbolized by its jacketed design, in which the material is heated/cooled by the heating or cooling media in the jacketed layer, with the inner material stirred by the constantly rotary blade under vacuumed condition. Glass reactor can be used to mix different liquid materials, to evaporate or distillate, for reflux, crystalization, and concentration. Because of the transparency and steady property of high borosilicate glass, the glass reactor is widely used in petroleum, metallurgy, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, food, pesticide, and scientific research areas. Hawach has various quality glass reactor for sale: single-layered glass reactor, double-layered glass reactor, triple-layered glass reactor, explosion-proof glass reactor, reflux glass reactor, stir-reinforced glass reactor, and customized glass reactor of all sizes(1L-200L) per your request.

Spray Dryer For Sale

Spray dryer is a continuous dryer under normal pressure, with the sample liquid sprayed by the atomizer and then dried by hot air to powder or granule. Because of its fast-drying speed, good granularity, high purity and easy operation for its high automation, spray dryer is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, herbs, chemical, and ceramic industry. In terms of the atomizer difference, spray dryer can be classified into two-fluid spray dryer (normally in small size 1-3L for the experiment) and centrifugal spray dryer(normally in big size 3-200L or bigger for mass production).

Because of the specific property of heat sensitive products and organic solvent products, Hawach also has a vacuum (low temperature) spray dryer and organic solvent spray dryer for sale. In order to introduce the right spray dryer for you, we need to know your processing material(name, solid-containing rate, highest tolerance temperature), drying target, granule requirement, output, heating source, and discharge regulation.

Drying Oven For Sale

Drying oven is widely used in chemical, electronic, plastic, metals, cable, automobile, rubber, molding, coating, printing, medical, astronaut, colleges, and other scientific research laboratory industry. Regarding different drying methods, the drying oven can be classified into an electronic heating blast drying oven and vacuum drying oven. Hawach has the most cost-effective drying oven for sale. Both electronic heating blast drying oven and vacuum drying oven have partition made of galvanized plate, 201 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel for you to choose. The size can vary from 20L to 1440L. If your material is very heat sensitive, a vacuum drying oven will be your better choice, which dries your material quickly and without hurting the property of the material. If you need a bigger volume electronic heating blast drying oven, our industrial big sized drying oven with more safety measures will be your better choice.

To choose the right drying oven for you, we need to know the variety of drying oven you need(electronic heating blast or vacuumed, or whether the drying material is heat sensitive, and the highest temperature you need), the volume, material of partition, vertical type or horizontal type.

Freeze Dryer For Sale

To use a freeze dryer, we need to put the material into the cold trap to freeze and put it into the vacuumed drying room, then the water in material frozen will be sublimated into the air. During the freeze drying process, the shape of the material will not be twisted, and the property of the material will not be changed. The material will recover to the original shape after adding water.

Because of the excellent drying property, freeze dryer is widely used in food, herbs, chemical, cosmetic, biological industry, which is most suitable for heat-sensitive material.

Hawach has both separate and in-situ freeze dryer for sale. The lowest temperature can be -50, -55, -60, -80 or -75 centigrade degree for you to choose. We also have a digital or LCD display for you to choose from. If you need a heating function, we have electronic heating and silicon oil heating for you to choose from. Most freeze dryer has auto-defrosting function, which keeps the cold trap clean and durable. Freeze dryer with different drying area to meet your drying speed requirement. 5 types of drying room(normal, press, bottles-hang, press& bottles hang, T-shaped) available for you to choose. The separate type is for the experiment. If you have a mass production plan, in-situ freeze dryer will be your better choice.

Short Path Distillation For Sale

Under the high vacuumed condition, the sample liquid in the short path distillation for sale is heated, with the vapour of target, material move quickly in a very short path till the condenser and received into the receiving flask, lighter vapor coming into the cold trap and heavier vapor staying in the evaporator. In this process, the material with a longer free path of motion is separated from the material with shorter free path of motion. And with the design of a 3-headed receiving flask, the material with different boiling points can be collected into the different head of receiving flask, without stopping the short path distillation experiment, which is space and energy saving. In this way, short path distillation for sale can be used to separate at least 3 different materials, usually materials with high boiling point and very hard to separate.

Hawach has a whole series of short path distillation for sale, small-sized short path distillation, medium-sized short path distillation, big sized short path distillation; glass short path distillation, stainless steel short path distillation; 3-headed receiving flask short path distillation, 1-headed receiving flask short path distillation…

Hawach short path distillation for sale is the ideal equipment for small amounts pre-treatment of molecular distillation facility, removal of alcohol and patina. With small space, low price, short path distillation for sale also has the advantage of high vacuum degree, low temperature, short distillation time, high separation efficiency and energy saving, which is ideal for a small amount short path experiment of alcohol removal and separation.

Vacuum Pump For Sale

Vacuum pump for sale is a popular equipment in chemical, food, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, electronic and other industries.

Working principle of vacuum pump for sale: inhale the air from the vacuumed equipment and exhale outside, through repetitive operation, the air inside the vacuumed equipment is very less, forming a vacuumed condition inside the equipment. In vacuumed conditions, the boiling point of materials inside the equipment with vacuum pump for sale is decreased, and the sealed environment can help maintain the pureness of material, with material property unchanged.

Hawach has various vacuum pumps for sale with different vacuum degrees available, like the molecular pump, rotary vane pump, root vane pump, spiral pump, diffusion pump, diaphragm pump and other types of vacuum pump for sale. Hawach vacuum pump for sale can support equipment with different volumes, from 1L to 100L or above. Vacuum controller is ideal for those completist technicians, which is developed by

vacuum pump supplier

to achieve precise control of vacuum degree for vacuum pumps. Let Hawach know your vacuum requirement, we will suggest the right one for you.

Heating Or Cooling Circulator For Sale

Heating and cooling are the basic conditions for physical or chemical reactions, which makes heating or cooling systems a crucial part of experiments. Through heating circulators, the high temperature in the circulator is transmitted to the heated equipment or parts evenly, which provides evaporation conditions for the experiment. The temperature range is from room temperature to the highest 200 or 300℃.

The cooling circulator is frequently used with the condenser to liquefy the vapor in the experiment, by conducting its low temperature liquid into the cooling parts. The widest temperature range can go from -120 to room temperature, with magnetic stirring function optional. The heating cooling circulator is a combination of the heating circulator and cooling circulator, which can be used for both heating and cooling, with a wider temperature range from lowset -105 to 200 or 300℃. The supporting volume of the heating or cooling system is from 1L to the biggest 400L. Compared with the compressor, the heating cooling circulator is a cheaper replacement.

As a professional

heating or cooling system supplier

, Hawach will offer the best auxiliary for your loved equipment.