Six Factors To Be Considered When Buy Rotary Evaporator

Rotating evaporator is a device for quickly concentrating liquid samples. The liquid sample is heated and decompressed in a spherical glass container, and continuously rotated to increase the evaporation surface area and accelerate the evaporation rate. Rotating evaporators are often used with water circulation vacuum pump.

Rotating evaporator is eggplant or round bottom rotating evaporator with a standard grinding port interface, which is connected to the water circulation vacuum pump through a high reflux serpentine condenser tube, and the other opening of the reflux condenser tube is connected to the receiving Rotating evaporator with a grinding port. It is often used to receive evaporated organic solvents.

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There is a three-way piston between the condenser tube and the decompression pump. When the system is connected with the rotating evaporator, the solvent can be transferred easily. When the system is connected with the decompression pump, the system should be in a decompression state. When using, we should decompress first, then start the motor to rotate the rotating evaporator. In the end, we should stop first and then pass through the atmosphere to prevent the rotating evaporator from falling off in rotation. And Hawach rotating evaporator can be equipped with a temperature tank.

Rotating evaporator is often used for concentration, drying, crystallization, separation, and solvent recovery in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and biological pharmaceutical industries. We should consider the following factors when purchasing a rotating evaporator.

1. The core technology of rotating evaporator
Under the corrosion of various solvents and in the state of motion, whether the system can maintain high vacuum is the main criterion for measuring the rotating evaporator. It is sealed with Teflon material and glass, which can withstand various solvents and has a long-lasting and reliable airtightness. It can maintain high vacuum above -0.098MPa.

2. Factors affecting the efficiency of the rotating evaporator
For machines of the same specification, there are mainly steam temperature, vacuum degree, and cooling water temperature. Restricted by the heat resistance of certain materials, it is impossible to increase the steam temperature indefinitely during work, so high vacuum and low cooling water temperature are the two main factors for increasing the rate.
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3. The difference between vertical condenser and inclined condenser
Because the vertical condenser has a small footprint, it has gradually become popular. Large-capacity rotating evaporator generally uses vertical condensers, but in essence, there is no difference between the two instruments.

4. Selection of Rotary Evaporator Model
2L, 3L, and 5L machines are suitable for laboratory and small sample tests; 5L, 10L, and 20L are suitable for pilot tests; 20L, 50L is suitable for pilot tests.

5. Rotating evaporator and other types of evaporator
The structure of the rotating evaporator is small and exquisite, compact, intuitive in work, and free of metal ion pollution. It is suitable for the extraction of precious materials in laboratories, production pilot tests.

6. The choice of water circulation vacuum pump
A water circulation vacuum pump resistant to corrosion by various solvents is recommended, which can be vacuumed to -0.098MPa, and can meet various requirements.

The following are the four major factors that affect the evaporation speed of the rotating evaporator.
1. The temperature of the water bath;
2. Rotation speed of sample bottle.
3. The degree of vacuum in the rotating evaporator;
4. Whether the condensation recovery unit is efficient.

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