Some Knowledge of 2L/5L Vacuum Rotary Evaporator for Sale

The rotary evaporator has a good effect on the concentration and chromatographic separation of the extraction solution. There is some useful experience of 2l/5l rotovap, during the use of a vacuum rotary evaporator, be sure to keep the water in the water bath pot, water in the corrosion-resistant vacuum pump, and the whole device clean and clean.

1. Rotary evaporation, the rotary bottle, and the vacuum rotary evaporator are connected with the main body through high-temperature silicone grease, grinding bottle, and plastic mouth clamp. The connection is not very firm, often appeared in the use of steam bottle drop water bath pot inside.
2. 2l/5l rotovap, if there is a power failure, the water in the pump will be poured into the rotary evaporation system.
3. Vacuum rotary evaporator, if the boiling point of the solvent is low, it is easy to appear in the process of rotary evaporation, the rotary vapor in the rotary steam bottle will rush into the condensate tube, and finally, into the liquid bottle.

The above situation is always inevitable, if the steam is kept clean, then the formed oil-water mixture, or liquid-solid mixture, can be filtered, concentrated, and refined column separation and other means to get their own target products.

Factors Affecting Distillation Efficiency Provided by Rotary Evaporator Manufacturer

The distillation efficiency of 2l/5l vacuum rotary evaporator plays a significant role in the number of samples that can be distilled each day. Under the same solvent, the higher the distillation efficiency is, the more the number of distilled samples is. So there are some factors that affect the distillation efficiency of the rotary evaporator.

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1.Vacuum value of system: the closed space of vacuum rotary evaporator is composed of glass components, vacuum buffer bottle, corrosion-resistant vacuum pump, and vacuum pipe, such as evaporation bottle, evaporative tube, sealing ring, condensing tube, etc. Among them, the most important factors affecting the vacuum of the system are corrosion-resistant vacuum pump, sealing ring, and vacuum pipe.
2.Sealing ring: as the key seal to undertake evaporator and condenser, its wear resistance and corrosion resistance are the key. The materials commonly used as sealing rings are PTFE and rubber, obviously, PTFE wears resistance and corrosion resistance will be better. Rotary evaporator manufacturers in the sealing ring, added stainless steel buffer shrapnel, better wear resistance.
3.Vacuum tube material: in general, rotary evaporator manufacturers do not have standard vacuum tubes, in self-purchase conditions, a silicone tube is naturally the first choice because its aging efficiency is slower than a rubber tube.

Matters Needing Attention in Common Configuration of 2L/5L Rotovap

2L/5L rotovap is one of the commonly used devices in the laboratory. It has the advantages of simple maintenance, stable performance, safe and reliable use, and high sensitivity.

1. Heating bath pot: the general heating medium is water. If there is a special need for temperature, it can be replaced by silicone oil or high-temperature silicone oil. Although rotary evaporator manufacturer will have a lid on the water bath pot, the frequency of use is not high; static time can prevent dust from entering the water bath or oil bath, keep the water bath or oil bath clean.
2. Condenser: the general cooling medium is water. If the ambient temperature is high and the condensation effect is not good, it can be replaced by an ethanol bath. The cooled ethanol is pressed into the condenser for cooling treatment. In extremely cold weather, when it is not used at rest, the water in the condenser should be drained overnight to prevent the water from forming a solid and expanding the condenser.
3. Decompression equipment: often configured as a pump. Some solvents with a high boiling point can be replaced by the oil corrosion-resistant vacuum pump, pay attention to the requirements of the equipment.