Spray Drying Tower Used in Ceramic Industry

In the past, conventional ceramic granulated powders were pressure-dried. Due to the high equipment height, large energy consumption, and difficult cleaning, the total height of these spray-drying towers did not exceed 5 meters, which greatly reduced the user’s Plant investment, advanced hot air system completely eliminates the existence of scale, thereby reducing the pollution of ceramic powder, and its performance exceeds the powder produced by pressure spray drying tower.

Now the spray dryer will be more suitable used in the ceramic industry. Hawach Scientific drying tower of spray dryers is suitable for plastic auxiliaries, food additives, chemical auxiliaries, stearic acid, monoglycerides, paraffin, and other solids, fat powders, palm oil, polyethylene grease, amino fatty acids, paraffin, glycerides, tallow Spray cooling granulation of molten chemical materials such as food additives, plastic additives, etc., its indicators have reached the international advanced level, which can meet customers’ various requirements for product particle size.

HSD-3000-S spray freeze drying equipment

Technical characteristics of spray drying tower:
1. Specially designed vortex air distributor, in accordance with the basic principles of aerodynamics and fluid mechanics, strengthens the mass-to-heat exchange between cold air and hot melt droplets. At the same time, the system’s inlet air adopts a countercurrent co-current method to ensure hot melt. The mist is fully and effectively cooled by the cold air to complete the cooling and granulation process.

2. Jacketed air cooling device is used in the granulation tower of the spray drying tower to ensure that the inner wall of the granulation tower does not have a “hot-melt hanging wall” phenomenon. The “low-hat” type exhaust structure device ensures that more than 90% of the finished products are collected at the bottom of the granulating tower, and only a small amount of fine powder enters the cyclone separator, which reduces the gas-solid separation pressure of the cyclone separator.

3. All the air entering the granulation tower system of the spray drying tower has passed through three stages of primary, intermediate, and sub-efficiency filtration, and the purification level is above 300,000.

4. The powder outlet pipe, the inner wall of the granulating tower, and the cyclone separator are made of polished mirror stainless steel. The welding seam treatment is using argon protection welding. The welding seam is ground and polished. The polishing accuracy reaches 0.3u, which effectively prevents the pipeline. “Powder accumulation” phenomenon. The powder outlet pipe and the cyclone separator are provided with a quick-opening cleaning port, which is convenient for disassembly, cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization, and fully meets food hygiene requirements.

5. The product recovery system is equipped with a special secondary fluidized bed cooling and drying device to re-cool and dry the fine powder that has been sprayed and granulated. The fully cooled and dried product has good fluidity and low temperature and can be directly packaged.