The Introduction of 100L Jacketed Glass Reactor Vessel

The jacketed glass reactor, also known as the glass reactor vessel, is a container to control the temperature of the contents with a cooling or heating “jacket” around the vessel in which a cooling or heating fluid can be circulated. And the “jacket” can permit the uniform exchange of heat between the fluid circulating in it and the walls of the vessel. In the jacketed space where the reacting media is heated or cooled, the reacting materials in the Inner kettle will be evaporated, condensed, and then collected into the receiving flask of glass reactor vessel.

You can see and control the reaction through the transparent kettle of 100 liter glass reactor vessel all the time. Compare to the small ones, the glass reactors in the bigger size, like 100 liter ones, provide more space for stirring and evaporating, and also have more stability for accelerating the reacting process. To improve the homogeneity of the fluid properties, you can find that the agitation also used in jacketed glass reactor too.

100l jacketed glass reactor vessel is widely used in the fields of food, chemical, drug, and other industries, the jacketed glass reactors are not only easy to operate, but also can save you time and space. The advantages are proved by the scientists, like perfect chemical resistance, huge temperature and pressure range, upgraded automation, and leak free vessels.

100l glass reactor

Configuration of Jacketed Glass Reactor

Hawach 100l jacketed glass reactor vessel is the first choice reactor for various labs with flexibility, compact size, and easy operation. The reactor setup is equipped with an overhead stirrer, reflux condenser, and drip system. It can work perfectly under the normal pressure, or even negative pressure in a sealed reactor.

The evaporating and reflowing of the reacted solution can be good controlled. Samples of fluids can be emptied from the outlet valve at the bottom of the reactor after reacting. It is of easy operation and convenient storage. Hawach 100 liter glass reactor vessel is really an ideal instrument for experiments in modern chemistry, and biochemical fields.

Configuration and Highlights of Jacketed Glass Reactor

Hawach 100 liter glass reactor vessel is equipped with double glass. The inner layer can perform stirring reaction, and loop heating or cooling reaction, because it is added with different cold and hot sources.

The mixing reaction can be performed in the sealed glass reactor with constant temperature, and the reaction solution has also carried the reflux and distillation. Additionally, the jacketed glass reactor is easy to remove and clean with flanges for the PEFE valve, it can be cleaned with a dead angle.

Function of Jacketed Glass Reactor

Hawach adopts professional PTFE cover to support high speed stirring in vacuum. Various standard mouths can be used for multi-purpose according to customer needs. 100l jacketed glass reactor vessel is composed of reflux condenser and thermometer tube. And we are ready to meet your special needs.

What’s more, a full set of glassware with borosilicate glass production with good chemical and physical properties. Hawach jacketed glass reactor is of simple operation, accurate design, high precise, good performance and reasonable price.