The Key To Understand The Principle Of Insitu Electric Heating Freeze Dryer

Insitu electric heating freeze dryer which is also called lyophilization is the process of removing ice or other frozen solvents from a material through and removing bound water molecules through the desorption.Insitu Electric Heating Freeze Dryer

The basic principle of freeze dryer is based on the three-state change of water. Water has solid, liquid, and gaseous states, and the three states can be converted to each other and can coexist. When water is at the triple point (temperature of 0.01℃, the water vapor pressure of 610.5Pa), water, ice, and water vapor can coexist and balance each other.

Under the high vacuum state, using the principle of sublimation, the moisture in the pre-frozen materials is directly removed as water vapor in the ice state without melting the ice, so as to achieve the purpose of insitu electric heating freeze dryer. Freeze-dried products are sponge-like, with no shrinkage, excellent rehydration, and very little moisture.

After corresponding packaging, they can be stored and transported at room temperature for a long time. Because vacuum freeze-drying has the unparalleled advantages of other drying methods, this technology has become more and more popular since its inception, and its applications in medicine, biological products, and food have become increasingly widespread.

Biological products such as serum, bacteria, Chinese and Western medicine are mostly biologically active substances. Vacuum freeze-drying technology also provides a good solution for preserving biological activity.

The key process of the insitu electric heating freeze dryer is call sublimation which can describe as a solid changing directly to a vapor without first going through a liquid phase.

Before the insitu electric heating freeze dryer is used, the dry items are placed in a cryogenic refrigerator or liquid nitrogen to make the items completely frozen and strong before freeze-drying. The main engine and double stage rotary vane vacuum pump are connected by vacuum tubes, and the connection is made of international standard clamps. The clamp contains a sealed rubber ring, which can be applied to the rubber ring before connection, and then clamped with clamps.
double stage rotary vane vacuum pumpThe right side of the main machine is equipped with a double stage rotary vane vacuum pump power outlet, the double stage rotary vane vacuum pump power line connected. Check the double stage rotary vane vacuum pump and confirm that the double stage rotary vane vacuum pump oil has been added and must not run without oil. The oil surface shall not be lower than the centerline of the oil mirror. Plexiglas cover is placed on the rubber ring, gently rotating a few times, and conducive to sealing.

First, the products contained in a vial, flask or tray, will be completely frozen, second, the frozen products will be placed carefully under a deep vacuum, far below the triple point of water. And the heat energy will be added to the product, and then the ice will sublime from the products.

It is a perfect way when we preserve the heat-sensitive materials such as proteins, microbes, pharmaceuticals, tissues, and plasma because the insitu electric heating freeze dryer control can keep the product temperature low enough, preventing the changes in the dried product appearance and characteristics.

Insitu electric heating freeze dryer process can not only extend shelf-life, but it can also yield a product that has a short reconstitution time with acceptable potency levels. For each step, the process can be repeated with defined temperature, pressure, and time parameters.