the reasons why the separation effect of short path molecular distillation is not good

The so-called molecular distillation process is actually a method of distillation operated under a high vacuum. Using this difference in the evaporation rate of each component in the feed liquid, the liquid, and the mixture are separated, and the effect is obvious.

However, there are exceptions. For some new users, due to different reasons, the results of using short path molecular distillation equipment have not reached the expected results. Subconsciously, it is considered to be equipment quality and performance problems. In fact, it is not the case. The probability of equipment problems is very small. The equipment has undergone a rigorous review before leaving the factory. The reasons for the poor separation performance are the following:
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1. Temperature:
Choose suitable evaporation temperature.
2. Pressure:
When the distillation temperature reaches a value, the lower the pressure (the higher the degree of vacuum), the lower the boiling point of the material, the larger the average free path of the molecules, the smaller the resistance of the light molecules from the evaporation surface to the condensation surface, and the better the separation effect.
3. The nature of the distilled substance:
The greater the relative volatility, that is, the larger the vapor pressure ratio of the light and heavy components to be separated, the easier the two are to separate.
4. Feeding speed:
When feeding, the flow rate of the material is too fast, and the components to be separated flow to the bottom of the evaporation surface before evaporation, and no separation effect can be achieved. The material flow rate of the molecular distillation system is too slow, which affects the separation efficiency.
5. Coverage area, thickness and uniformity of the evaporative liquid film:
The thinner and more uniform the evaporation liquid film, the larger the coverage area, the better the distillation effect.
6. Impurities in the material:
Impurities in the material will affect the molecular distillation separation efficiency, and can be pretreated with a centrifuge.
7. Use of carrying agent:
Carriers require a high boiling point, good solubility in materials, no chemical reaction with the materials, and easy separation.