The Temperature And Speed Of Vacuumed Spray Dryer

Vacuumed spray dryer actually refers to a kind of equipment that can play a drying role. It can meet the requirements of continuous feeding and discharge in a vacuum state, and the amount of feeding can be set as needed. The operation is very flexible. In addition, the heating system of the vacuum spray dryer can use steam, hot water, or electric heating.

During the drying operation, we can make any adjustments within the temperature range of 25 ℃~ 80 ℃. In general, after 20min ~60min, the vacuum spray dryer starts to discharge continuously until the drying task is completed. Because the track of this equipment is made of Teflon material, during the running process, it can not only ensure smooth and reliable performance but also make the heated area more uniform.

Vacuumed spray dryer speed also can be adjusted according to actual needs. In addition, the vacuum spray dryer can also be used in combination with different cloth devices, so that it can meet the drying treatment of different forms of substances, such as fully adaptable to the drying of materials such as liquids, extracts, and powders.

Airstream Spray Dryer

In addition, the vacuum spray dryer is also equipped with an automatic crushing system under vacuum, so the user can choose the number of dry particles. The equipment is also equipped with a cleaning system in place, which can clean automatically, saving a lot of time. During the operation of this equipment, not only the energy consumption is low, but also no harmful substances are generated, and the working noise is small.

In short, the vacuum spray dryer has many benefits in practical applications, which makes it practically help users and friends in the drying operation to help complete production tasks.

Lab spray dryer machine protection function:
Protecting function when shutdown: After the work of the instrument is completed, the working state of the fan should be kept so that the glass part is cooled. The machine is set by an intelligent program. When the inlet temperature is lower than 30 degrees, the fan will automatically shut down without the manual shutdown of the fan; Do not overheat the heating element due to misoperation (forcibly turning off the fan).

Time setting function: Users can set the working time of the machine by themselves, without manual guarding. The machine stops working when the working time ends, which greatly saves customers valuable time for experiments.

The laboratory small spray dryer has a built-in oil-free air compressor. The air compressor is equipped with a stainless steel gas storage tank. The particle diameter of the spray powder is normally distributed, the fluidity is good, and the noise is very low, which meets national laboratory noise standards.

Two-fluid spray atomization structure, the whole machine body is made of stainless steel precision, compact design, no auxiliary equipment.