Type of Freeze Dryers: Laboratory Benchtop Lyophilizer

Vacuum freeze drying technology is also called sublimation drying. The principle is to freeze the sample with water in advance, and then make the water sublime under vacuum. After freeze-dried samples, the original biological, chemical, and physical properties remain basically unchanged, easy to store for a long time, can be restored to the state before freeze-drying after adding water, and can maintain its original biochemical properties. Therefore, freeze-drying technology is widely used in the fields of medicine, food, chemical industry, and biological products.
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The freeze-drying of water-containing substances is realized in vacuum freeze-drying equipment, and the corresponding freeze-drying equipment is also different according to the freeze-dried material, requirements, and uses.

According to the different materials to be freeze-dried, freeze dryer can generally be divided into freeze-drying equipment for freeze-dried biological products (or medicines) and freeze-drying equipment for freeze-dried food.

According to different operating modes, freeze dryer can be divided into the batch and continuous freeze-drying equipment. The capacity of freeze-dried materials can be divided into industrial and experimental lyophilization machine; according to whether the box can be pre-moved, it can be divided into pre-moving and non-pre-moving laboratory benchtop lyophilizer.

1. From the structure
a. Ordinary freeze dryer: small freeze dryer freeze-drying cavity and cold trap are separate upper and lower structures, and the freeze-drying cavity has no pre-freezing function. The small freeze dryer requires manual operation when the material is transferred to the drying process after the pre-freezing is completed.

Most of the experimental types are tray lyophilizers with simple structure and low lyophilization machine price. In order to facilitate the observation of the freeze-drying of materials, most freeze-drying chambers use transparent plexiglass covers.

b. In-situ freeze dry machine for sale: In-situ freeze-drying machine freeze-drying chamber and the cold trap are two independent chambers. The shelf in the desktop freeze dryer freeze-drying chamber has a refrigeration function. After the materials are placed in the freeze-drying chamber, they are pre-freeze in situ, dry in place.

The pre-freezing and drying process of materials does not require manual operation. desktop freeze dryerBuy lyophilizer, you should consider the manufacturing process of freeze dry machine for sale is complicated and the vacuum freeze dryer price is high, but the in-situ freeze dryer is the development direction of freeze dryer, which changes the manual and cumbersome operation of the traditional laboratory freeze dryer drying process.

Desktop freeze dryer is an ideal choice for exploring freeze-drying process, preventing material pollution, and realizing automation of drying and sublimation. Especially suitable for freeze-drying of medicines, biological products, and other special products.

2. From function
a.Ordinary small freeze dryer: suitable for most routine experiments, the materials are bulk packed in the material tray, and the tray lyophilizer is suitable for freeze-drying food, Chinese herbal medicine, and powder materials.

b.Top-press type: Comes with a capping device, the materials can be dried in bulk on the material tray, and can also be used for drying the materials in the vial. After the drying is completed, the capping device is manually operated to press the cap to make the vial sample in a vacuum seal under the environment to avoid secondary pollution and re-adsorption of moisture;

c. Multi-pipeline ordinary type: Connect 8 flasks outside the drying chamber of the lyophilization machine (different depending on the model). Each flask is connected to the drying chamber, and can also be controlled by the corresponding switch to cut off the connection between the phase flask and the corresponding drying chamber. Remove or install the flask at any time as needed, without shutting down during this process. Conventional medicines can be freeze-dried in the drying room, and material drying experiments can also be carried out in the flask, which is suitable for observing the changes of materials under different drying times. Lyophilization machine is convenient for teaching in the research laboratory;
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d.Multi-pipeline top-press type: 8 flasks are connected outside the drying chamber (different according to the model, and comes with a capping device. The laboratory benchtop lyophilizer is suitable for both conventional sample drying and the use of flasks to dry the research material change process. Laboratory benchtop lyophilizer can also dry the Selin bottled materials and directly perform plugging and sealing operations under vacuum;

e. T-type shell: suitable for drying materials in ampoules tubes and ampoules. For the preservation of bacteria, fungi, and other microbial strains, the laboratory often adopts the safe sealing method. It has the advantages of a long storage period, small variation, convenient large-scale storage, and wide application range. It is convenient for sample drying experiments in laboratories and scientific research, and the freeze-drying process can be disassembled for observation.