Use of Vacuum Lab Drying Oven

Although the vacuum lab drying oven and the oven belong to the same series of products, the experimental requirements are completely different. The oven has the function of blast circulation. As long as the operation is properly performed, safety accidents are generally less likely to occur. However, the vacuum lab drying oven is a closed box and is separated. The panels are all independently temperature-controlled and have the shortest heating time.

Compared with the traditional drying oven, the vacuum lab drying oven heating time is reduced by more than 50%. The vacuum drying oven is powered by electricity, and the wet objects are conductive, so in use, Care should be taken not to cause leakage.
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Therefore, the general oven must be grounded for safety. If there is no ground wire, make sure that the oven has no leakage; if there is a slight leakage, try to unplug the socket and insert the pins in the opposite direction. If there is no leakage, use it with caution. If there is still leakage, then Should be deactivated immediately.

Operation steps of vacuum lab drying oven

1. Vacuum debugging
First, close the door of the box and screw the door handle in place, close the air release valve, and open the vacuum valve. The vacuum valve may be tightly switched during the first use and can be rotated with force.

Connect the vacuum drying box exhaust pipe and the double stage rotary vane vacuum pump firmly with the vacuum connecting pipe provided with the accessory. Turn on the power of the double stage rotary vane vacuum pump and start pumping. When the indication value of the vacuum gauge reaches -0.1Mpa, first turn off the vacuum valve and then turn off the power of the vacuum pump to prevent the double stage rotary vane vacuum pump oil from flowing back into the working chamber. At this time, the chamber is in a vacuum state.
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2. Vacuum box debugging
After the vacuum level adjustment is completed, the following operations can be performed:
First, turn on the power of the vacuum box. At this time, the power indicator should be on. The temperature controller is powered on for self-test. The PV screen displays the measured temperature in the working room, and the screen displays the temperature set at the factory. The AT and HEAT lights on the temperature control instrument should be on, indicating that the instrument is in the working state of heating.

Second, modify the set temperature
1. Press the function of the temperature controller, after the characters should be displayed, you can use the key head button to modify the set temperature.
2. After the modification is completed, press the button again to display the characters and set the timing time. If the timing function is not used, the character is still equal to zero.
3. Press the button again to display the working temperature on the screen and the new set temperature on the SV screen. The indicator light is on, and the instrument enters the heating state again.
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When the temperature in the working room is close to the set temperature, the light will turn on and off, indicating that the heating has entered the adjustment stage. Sometimes the measured temperature of the instrument exceeds the set temperature, and sometimes it is a normal phenomenon to be lower than the set temperature. When the measured temperature is close to or equal to the set temperature, after another 1 to 2 hours, the studio enters a constant temperature state, and the article enters the drying stage.

When the required temperature is lower, the secondary setting method can be used. For example, if the required working temperature is 70°C, set 60°C for the first time. After the temperature overshoot starts to return, set 70℃ for the second time. Reduce or even eliminate the phenomenon of temperature overshoot, and enter a constant temperature state as soon as possible.

When the items are dried, turn off the power, if the temperature is accelerated, open the vent valve to make the vacuum degree 0, wait about 5 minutes, and then open the door.

If the humidity of the dry objects in the working room is high, the generated moisture will affect the performance of the double stage rotary vane vacuum pump. It is recommended to put a dryer/filter in series between the drying box and the double stage rotary vane vacuum pump.